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News on the Practice Paper publication process

POSTING TYPE: Journal News

Author: Lan Luo

Practice Paper Publication Process


Marketing Science has a Practice Paper track to incentivize and encourage marketing scientists to collaborate with practitioners. This track is open to all marketing papers that demonstrate both science rigor and practical impact in industry and noncommercial settings. The winner and finalists of the INFORMS Society on Marketing Science (ISMS)’s biennial Gary L. Lilien ISMS-MSI-EMAC Practice Prize Competition will be invited to submit their papers to Marketing Science. All submissions will go through a rigorous review process at Marketing Science. The criteria for Practice Paper submissions are outlined below.

Criteria for the review process

Articles published under the Practice Paper Track must:

  1. Use suitable and appropriate methodology. (Does not have to break new methodological ground, but should be methodologically sound)
  2. Have good appropriate discussion/framing of the marketing problem
  3. Have good but concise discussion of its technical approach in enough detail for readers to follow; but with complete references to original sources
  4. Have good discussion of the organizational engagement process, including barriers identified and overcome, and mistakes made
  5. Verify/quantify its impact. Examples of impact are, but not limited to, how the application showcases the work of marketing scientists to engage with organizational stakeholders, how the application impacts society and its newsworthiness, etc.
  6. Describe key lessons learned, takeaways, and insights
  7. Clearly articulate transportability issues (to more general problems), including discussions on how the work is applicable to other contexts (whether potential or demonstrated) that is valuable to drive organizational adoption of marketing science forward.
  8. Provide a clear view as to the contribution in terms of applying and implementing marketing science models. Papers will be judged according to the degree to which they focus on and achieve this claimed contribution

Length 25-35 pages as in a normal Marketing Science paper.

Reviewers/Review Process:

  1. The AE and reviewers will be selected by the Marketing Science Editor-in-Chief. The reviewer team should (a) appreciate practice and (b) concur with the review criteria above. One member of the reviewer team should ideally have substantial industry experience who could comment specifically on the practical impact of the research.
  2. As with any Marketing Science paper, the final publication decision is that of the Senior Editor / Editor-in-Chief.


Submissions (including winner and finalists of the Practice Prize) that pass the rigorous standards of peer reviews will be published as a Practice Paper by Marketing Science. Practice Prize submissions that fail to meet the publication criteria above will be integrated into Practice Prize Competition Report written by the Chairperson’s of the competition, with appropriate co-authorship or acknowledgement.