Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 43(11)


Startup acquisitions, relocation, and employee entrepreneurship
J. Daniel Kim [Google Scholar]

Zooming in or zooming out: Entrants’ product portfolios in the nascent drone industry
Anavir Shermon, Mahka Moeen [Google Scholar]

Contracting for innovation: Designing contracts that account for exchange hazards and the need for innovation
Kyle J. Mayer, Zhe (Adele) Xing, Pablo Mondal [Google Scholar]

Do Alliance portfolios encourage or impede new business practice adoption? Theory and evidence from the private equity industry
Prothit Sen, Phanish Puranam [Google Scholar]

Birds of a feather flock (even more) together: An intergroup relations perspective on how #MeToo‐related media coverage affects the evaluation of prospective corporate directors
Michael K. Bednar, James D. Westphal, Michael L. McDonald [Google Scholar]

Upper echelons and intra‐organizational learning: How executive narcissism affects knowledge transfer among business units
Xin Liu, Lin Zhang, Abhinav Gupta, Xiaoming Zheng, Changqi Wu [Google Scholar]

Alliance performance and subsequent make‐or‐ally choices: Evidence from the aircraft manufacturing industry
Charlotte R. Ren, Louis Mulotte, Pierre Dussauge, Jaideep Anand [Google Scholar]

Danger from a distance: Executives’ social distance and multinationals’ responses to host‐country terrorist attacks
Chang Liu, Dan Li, Lorraine Eden, Marjorie A. Lyles [Google Scholar]