J Service Res


Journal of Service Research, 25(4)


AI Service and Emotion
Richard P. Bagozzi, Michael K. Brady, and Ming-Hui Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Artificial Intelligence as a Service, Economic Growth, and Well-Being
Christos A. Makridis and Saurabh Mishra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Artificial Emotions and Love and Sex Doll Service Workers
Russell Belk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Information-Seeking Argument Mining to Improve Service
Bernd Skiera, Shunyao Yan, Johannes Daxenberger, Marcus Dombois, and Iryna Gurevych [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Conscious Empathic AI in Service
Hadi Esmaeilzadeh and Reza Vaezi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Smart Should a Service Robot Be?
Jeroen Schepers, Daniel Belanche, Luis V. Casaló, and Carlos Flavián [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I, Robot, You, Consumer: Measuring Artificial Intelligence Types and their Effect on Consumers Emotions in Service
Eleonora Pantano and Daniele Scarpi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Thinking Skills Don’t Protect Service Workers from Replacement by Artificial Intelligence
Darina Vorobeva, Yasmina El Fassi, Diego Costa Pinto, Diego Hildebrand, Márcia M. Herter, and Anna S. Mattila [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer Emotions in Service Robot Encounters: A Hybrid Machine-Human Intelligence Approach
Raffaele Filieri, Zhibin Lin, Yulei Li, Xiaoqian Lu, and Xingwei Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can (A)I Give You a Ride? Development and Validation of the CRUISE Framework for Autonomous Vehicle Services
Victoria-Sophie Osburg, Vignesh Yoganathan, Werner H. Kunz, and Shlomo Tarba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do You Mind if I Ask You a Personal Question? How AI Service Agents Alter Consumer Self-Disclosure
Tae Woo Kim, Li Jiang, Adam Duhachek, Hyejin Lee, and Aaron Garvey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Service Robots in Long-Term Care: A Consumer-Centric View
Eva Kipnis, Fraser McLeay, Anthony Grimes, Stevienna de Saille, and Stephen Potter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]