Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 46(6)


Challenges and opportunities of brand corporate social responsibility classification: A review, new conceptualization and future research agenda
Ashok A. Prasad, Ravi Shekhar Kumar [Google Scholar]

Past, present and future of mobile financial services: A critique, review and future agenda
Shelly Gupta, Sanjay Dhingra [Google Scholar]

Exploring the patterns in political consumption: A review and identification of future research agenda
Dawn Yi Lin Chow, Ga-Eun (Grace) Oh, Amitabh Anand [Google Scholar]

When does the price presentation order impact choices? Dispositional and situational moderators for the price order effect
Sudipta Mukherjee [Google Scholar]

Impact of mixed bundling type on consumers’ value perception
Nan Li, Jae-Do Song [Google Scholar]

Value cocreation in livestreaming and its effect on consumer‐simulated experience and continued use intention
Cindy Yunhsin Chou, Ja-Shen Chen, Shao-Kai Lin [Google Scholar]

Exploring responses to differing message content of pictorial alcohol warning labels
Louise M. Hassan, Sara Parry, Edward Shiu [Google Scholar]

How do consumers perceive open‐source seed licenses? Exploring a new credence attribute
Lea Kliem, Hendrik Wolter [Google Scholar]

It is better with a shade of blue! Consumer evaluation of unisex extension of brands
Nivedita Bhanja, Ritu Mehta [Google Scholar]

Pointing fingers and holding hands: Effects of collaborative and confrontational NPO approaches on households’ consumption and donation decisions
Nicholas Arnold [Google Scholar]

How to identify product defects and segment consumer groups on an online auto forum
Bing Sun, Hongying Mao, Chengshun Yin [Google Scholar]

Influencer endorsement posts and their effects on advertising attitudes and purchase intentions
Carolina Herrando, María José Martín-De Hoyos [Google Scholar]

An innovation resistance theory perspective on home service applications: The moderating role of country context
Poonam Kumar, Sumedha Chauhan, Mahadeo. P. Jaiswal [Google Scholar]

Determinants of selection behavior in online distribution channels for fresh food
Junhwa Choi, Sungsoon Jang, Jae Young Choi [Google Scholar]

The effects of self‐awareness on consumer evaluation of experiential creation
Bora Min, Cheryl Wakslak [Google Scholar]

How augmented reality media richness influences consumer behaviour
Inês Pessoa de Amorim, João Guerreiro, Sara Eloy, Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro [Google Scholar]

Appearance‐related possessions and the transition to retired life
Lina M. Ceballos, Nancy Hodges [Google Scholar]

Consumers going online for big‐box retailers: Exploring the role of feeling disconnected during a pandemic
Song-yi Youn, Md. Rafiqul Islam Rana, Caroline Kopot [Google Scholar]

Bias‐driven marketing that instigates pledging to a crowdfunding campaign: An experimental consideration of behavioral anomalies
Theerthaana Panneerselvam, C. Joe Arun [Google Scholar]

Perceived economic mobility increases subjective well‐being when perceived social support opens the door for others
Yongju Kwon, Youjae Yi, Sara Kim [Google Scholar]

Segmentation of collaborative consumption consumers: Social identity theory perspective
Agnieszka Małecka, Maciej Mitręga, Gregor Pfajfar [Google Scholar]

Luxury brand attachment: Predictors, moderators and consequences
Anwar Sadat Shimul, Ian Phau [Google Scholar]

Unlocking consumer consideration set size formation for luxury services: A study of self‐identification, brand status and anticipated emotions
Vida Siahtiri, Aron O’Cass, Nazia Nabi [Google Scholar]

The determinants of retail customers’ purchase intent
Choukri Menidjel, Anil Bilgihan [Google Scholar]

Can initial trust boost intention to purchase Ayurveda products? A theory of consumption value (TCV) perspective
Debarun Chakraborty, Mujahid Siddiqui, Aaliyah Siddiqui [Google Scholar]