Pub Opinion Quart


Public Opinion Quarterly, 86(3)


Testing Public Reactions to Mass-Protest Hybrid Media Events: A Rolling Cross-Sectional Study of International Women’s Day in Spain
Manuel Jiménez-Sánchez ; Marta Fraile; Josep Lobera [Google Scholar]

Born Again but Not Evangelical?: How the (Double-Barreled) Questions You Ask Affect the Answers You Get
Michele F Margolis [Google Scholar]

Priming Self-Reported Partisanship: Implications for Survey Design and Analysis
Kaylyn Jackson Schiff; B Pablo Montagnes; Zachary Peskowitz [Google Scholar]

Measuring Support for Women’s Political Leadership: Gender of Interviewer Effects Among African Survey Respondents
Aksel Sundström ; Daniel Stockemer [Google Scholar]

Research Notes [Google Scholar]

Does Political Participation Contribute to Polarization in the United States?
Lisa P Argyle; Jeremy C Pope [Google Scholar]

Close (Causally Connected) Cousins?: Evidence on the Causal Relationship between Political Trust and Social Trust
Peter Thisted Dinesen; Kim Mannemar Sønderskov; Jacob Sohlberg ; Peter Esaiasson [Google Scholar]

Political Accountability and Selective Perception in the Time of COVID
Sean Freeder; Neil A O’Brian [Google Scholar]

Measuring Political Knowledge in Online Surveys: How Question Design can Improve Measures
Mona S Kleinberg [Google Scholar]

The Domestic Impact of International Shaming: Evidence from Climate Change and Human Rights
Faradj Koliev; Douglas Page; Jonas Tallberg [Google Scholar]

Factual Corrections Eliminate False Beliefs About COVID-19 Vaccines
Ethan Porter ; Yamil Velez; Thomas J Wood [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

David E. Campbell, Geoffrey C. Layman, and John C. Green. Secular Surge: A New Fault Line in American Politics
Ryan P Burge [Google Scholar]

Emily Van Duyn. Democracy Lives in Darkness: How and Why People Keep their Politics a Secret.
Katherine J Cramer [Google Scholar]

Steven W. Webster. American Rage: How Anger Shapes Our Politics
Kyle Mattes [Google Scholar]

Presidential Address: Voice: A Privilege and an Obligation
Patricia Moy [Google Scholar]