J Man Studies


Journal of Management Studies, 58(7)



Rhetoric, Risk, and Investment: Letting the Numbers Speak for Themselves
Michael S. McLeod, Joshua B. Sears, Gaylen N. Chandler, G. Tyge Payne, Keith H. Brigham [Google Scholar]

Technological Entry, Redeployability, and Firm Value
Mario Daniele Amore, Mariano Mastrogiorgio [Google Scholar]

From Boundary Spanning to Intergroup Knowledge Integration: The Role of Boundary Spanners’ Metaknowledge and Proactivity
Julija N. Mell, Daan van Knippenberg, Wendy P. van Ginkel, Pursey P. M. A. R. Heugens [Google Scholar]

Behavioural Agency and Firm Productivity: Revisiting the Incentive Alignment Qualities of Stock Options
Leon Zolotoy, Don O’Sullivan, Geoffrey P. Martin [Google Scholar]

The Roles of Celebrities in Public Disputes: Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef
Christopher Wright, Daniel Nyberg [Google Scholar]

When More is Less: Quality and Variety Trade‐off in Sharing Economy Platforms
Tedi Skiti, Xueming Luo, Zhijie Lin [Google Scholar]

Pyramidal Ownership and SOE Innovation
Joyce C. Wang, Jingtao Yi, Xiuping Zhang, Mike W. Peng [Google Scholar]

Reverse Knowledge Flows: How and When Do Preparation and Reintegration Facilitate Repatriate Knowledge Transfer?
Vesa Peltokorpi, Fabian Jintae Froese, B. Sebastian Reiche, Sebastian Klar [Google Scholar]