J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 31(8)



Thirty years of product and brand management research: a retrospective review of the using bibliometric analysis
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Impact of brand familiarity on attitude formation: insights and generalizations from a meta-analysis
Wagner Junior Ladeira, Joanna Krywalski Santiago, Fernando de Oliveira Santini, Diego Costa Pinto [Google Scholar]

Does the relationship between brand attitude, brand attachment and purchase intention vary based on the type of prosocial expression-based brand emoji?
Hye-Jin Jeon [Google Scholar]

Employer and internal branding research: a bibliometric analysis of 25 years
Gordhan K. Saini, Filip Lievens, Mukta Srivastava [Google Scholar]

The effect of materialism and impression management purchase motivation on purchase intention for luxury athleisure products: the moderating effect of sustainability
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Growing the community bank in the shadow of national banks: an empirical analysis of the U.S. banking industry, 1994–2018
Jake David Hoskins, Sarah Abadi [Google Scholar]

How to generate customer and firm benefits through online game product and brand community engagement – online and offline perspectives
Chia-Wen Chang, Chiu-Ping Hsu [Google Scholar]

We “like” to value the brand: a mixed-method study
Trung Dam-Huy Thai, Tien Wang, Tin Trung Nguyen [Google Scholar]

Femvertising practices on social media: a comparison of luxury and non-luxury brands
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Negative spillover of moral irresponsibility into anti-brand behaviors: the role of moral emotion and disengagement in ethical and social transgressions
Song-yi Youn [Google Scholar]