Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 56(8)


Toward a goal-based paradigm of contagion
TaeWoo Kim, Adam Duhachek, Kelly Herd, SunAh Kim [Google Scholar]

Funding marketing resources and capabilities during a recession: an empirical examination of top corporate advertisers
Fernando Angulo-Ruiz, Naveen Donthu, Diego Prior, Josep Rialp-Criado [Google Scholar]

The temperature dimension of emotions
Pascal Bruno, Valentyna Melnyk, Kyle B. Murray [Google Scholar]

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play: customer delight in unpredictable experiential encounters
Donald C. Barnes, Mark J. Pelletier, Joel E. Collier, Sharon E. Beatty [Google Scholar]

Validation of the information processing theory of consumer choice: evidence from travel search engine clickstream data
Xiaoyi Sylvia Gao, Imran S. Currim, Sanjeev Dewan [Google Scholar]

Rethinking peer-to-peer communication: how different mediums and product types influence consumers’ language
Behnam Forouhandeh, Rodney J. Clarke, Nina Louise Reynolds [Google Scholar]

“More CSR versus more benefits”: how members’ motives influence loyalty toward cooperatives
Charlotte Lecuyer, Mathieu Béal, Sonia Capelli, William Sabadie [Google Scholar]

Marketing in a crisis: lessons from the “COVID election” in New Zealand
Edward Elder, Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Neil Thomas Bendle [Google Scholar]

Free tumbler in Snapchat vs coffee tasting ticket in Instagram: the impact of gift type and message type on B2C gift-giving on different social media platforms
Dong Hoo Kim, So Young Lee, Yoon Hi Sung, Nam-Hyun Um [Google Scholar]

Packaging-integrated-products: capturing new opportunities in the front end of product development
Chris Simms, Paul Trott [Google Scholar]

Cultural antecedents and consequences of luxury brand personalities
George Balabanis, Aleksandra Karpova [Google Scholar]

Enhancing IT industry employees’ service innovation performance: antecedents and outcomes of service innovation engagement
Peiyu Pai, Hsien-Tung Tsai, Jun-Yu Zhong [Google Scholar]

Energy efficiency of consideration sets and choices: the impact of label format
Millie Elsen, Jorna Leenheer [Google Scholar]