Building the Bridge


Grants to support AMS’s commitment to practically relevant research, in recognition of Harold W. Berkman; Deadline 31 Dec 2022


Author: Hyunju Shing

AMS Board of Governors (BOG)

Building the Bridge Research Grant Proposal

Call for Proposals

In recognition of 50 years of service by Harold W. Berkman, the late Executive Vice-President and Director, the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS’s) will proudly award up to $15,000 in research grants to support AMS’s commitment to practically relevant research.  Proposals will be submitted and winning proposals must show an obviously important practical research problem that can be addressed by a research project in a timely fashion.  To be clear, positive academic efforts with no clear and strong aim at improving marketing practice will not be funded.

A proposal packet should be prepared as a MS Word document using 12-point Calibri or Times New Roman font (1″margins all around).  The packet should consist of the following:

  1. A cover page with Title of the Proposal and primary investigator (PI) contact information
  2. A 900-word (maximum – strictly enforced) of the practically important and relevant research question(s) and proposed research project description
    • Industry-relevant descriptions are encouraged
    • A clearly convincing argument as to the practical relevance and practical importance of the research question
    • Examples of organizations that would benefit from answers to the research questions are definitely encouraged
  3. A budget indicating the total amount of funding requested (maximum of $15K) and how those funds will be used
  4. A timeline for completion of the project that includes points involving significant use of funds
  5. Bios for the PI and any co-investigators (co-investigators actively engaged in marketing as a practitioner are definitely encouraged)
  6. Appendices for references or supplementary information

A review committee selected by the BOG will oversee the award process.  The Building the Bridge Research Grant Review Committee will consist of at least three BOG members, three AMS Distinguished Fellows, one former AMSR or JAMS editor, and the VP of Publication.  Members of the BOG and all serving on the committee are ineligible to receive the grant.

Finalists for grant awards will be selected from the proposals and invited to participate in a special session at the 2023 Academy of Marketing Science® Annual Conference.  Following the session, final award decisions will be made.  Up to 3 projects could receive some funding.  Funding may be partial.

  • Deadline for submission: December 31, 2022
  • Submit by email to:
  • Funds will be disbursed in the name of the PI to the affiliated Institution (i.e., University or School)
  • Support from the funds should be prominently acknowledged in all public dissemination of the research.

For more information on Harold Berkman’s legacy and the motivation for this grant, please see the following links:  How could anyone forget Harold W. Berkman? | SpringerLink   and

Approved by Board in 2019 and revised in 2022.