Man Sci


Management Science, 68(9)


‘Just Words? Just Speeches?’ On the Economic Value of Charismatic Leadership
John Antonakis, Giovanna d’Adda, Roberto A. Weber, and Christian Zehnder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Distributionally Robust Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection with Wasserstein Distances
Jose Blanchet, Lin Chen, and Xun Yu Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Platform Tokenization: Financing, Governance, and Moral Hazard
Jiri Chod, Nikolaos Trichakis, and S. Alex Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Experimentation and Start-up Performance: Evidence from A/B Testing
Rembrand Koning, Sharique Hasan, and Aaron Chatterji [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Demand for, and Avoidance of, Information
Russell Golman, George Loewenstein, Andras Molnar, and Silvia Saccardo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal Short-Termism
Dirk Hackbarth, Alejandro Rivera, and Tak-Yuen Wong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Credit Shock Propagation Along Supply Chains: Evidence from the CDS Market
Senay Agca, Volodymyr Babich, John R. Birge, and Jing Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Food Delivery Service and Restaurant: Friend or Foe?
Manlu Chen, Ming Hu, and Jianfu Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Find and Replace: R&D Investment Following the Erosion of Existing Products
Joshua L. Krieger, Xuelin Li, and Richard T. Thakor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online Policies for Efficient Volunteer Crowdsourcing
Vahideh Manshadi and Scott Rodilitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Data-Driven Approximation Schemes for Joint Pricing and Inventory Control Models
Hanzhang Qin, David Simchi-Levi, and Li Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving Patient Transfer Protocols for Regional Stroke Networks
Amir Ardestani-Jaafari and Beste Kucukyazici [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Analytics Approach to Guide Randomized Controlled Trials in Hypertension Management
Anthony Bonifonte, Turgay Ayer, and Benjamin Haaland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Wait Time in the Emergency Department
Guihua Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Important Role of Time Limits When Consumers Choose Their Time in Service
Pnina Feldman and Ella Segev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Serving Democracy: Evidence of Voting Resource Disparity in Florida
Gérard P. Cachon and Dawson Kaaua [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of Motivation and Workload on Service Time Components: An Empirical Analysis of Call Center Operations
Ahmad M. Ashkanani, Benjamin B. Dunford, and Kevin J. Mumford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Manipulation and (Mis)trust in Prediction Markets
Lawrence Choo, Todd R. Kaplan, and Ro’i Zultan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deadlines and Memory Limitations
Steffen Altmann, Christian Traxler, and Philipp Weinschenk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Health Externalities and Policy: The Role of Social Preferences
Laura Alfaro, Ester Faia, Nora Lamersdorf, and Farzad Saidi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

False Discovery in A/B Testing
Ron Berman and Christophe Van den Bulte [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Durable Goods Adoption and the Consumer Discount Factor: A Case Study of the Norwegian Book Market
Øystein Daljord [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Designing Product Development Contracts in the Presence of Managerial Lobbying
Ying Bao, Mengze Shi, and Ajay Kalra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial Learning and Disincentives in Crowdfunding Markets
Yan Xu and Jian Ni [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

More than the Quantity: The Value of Editorial Reviews for a User-Generated Content Platform
Yipu Deng, Jinyang Zheng, Warut Khern-am-nuai, and Karthik Kannan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Outsourcing Pricing Algorithms on Market Competition
Joseph E. Harrington, Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Digitization, Prediction, and Market Efficiency: Evidence from Book Publishing Deals
Christian Peukert and Imke Reimers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Michelin Is Coming to Town: Organizational Responses to Status Shocks
Saverio Dave Favaron, Giada Di Stefano, and Rodolphe Durand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your High-Skilled Labor: H-1B Lottery Outcomes and Entrepreneurial Success
Stephen G. Dimmock, Jiekun Huang, and Scott J. Weisbenner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bankrupt Innovative Firms
Song Ma, Joy Tianjiao Tong, and Wei Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Theory of Collateral Requirements for Central Counterparties
Jessie Jiaxu Wang, Agostino Capponi, and Hongzhong Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Firm-Specific Risk-Neutral Distributions with Options and CDS
Sirio Aramonte, Mohammad R. Jahan-Parvar, Samuel Rosen, and John W. Schindler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tone at the Bottom: Measuring Corporate Misconduct Risk from the Text of Employee Reviews
Dennis W. Campbell and Ruidi Shang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Not Ready for Prime Time: Financial Reporting Quality After SPAC Mergers
Jaewoo Kim, Seyoung Park, Kyle Peterson, and WilsonRyan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]