J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 151(10)



A meta-analysis on the effect of visual attention on choice.
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The role of synaesthesia in reading written musical key signatures.
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An adaptive perspective on visual working memory distortions.
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Is the juice worth the squeeze? Learning the marginal value of mental effort over time.
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What you are getting and what you will be getting: Testing whether verb tense affects intertemporal choices.
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Unity and diversity of metacognition.
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The speed prior account: A new theory to explain multiple phenomena regarding dynamic information.
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The origins of the shape bias: Evidence from the Tsimane’.
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Mnemicity versus temporality: Distinguishing between components of episodic representations.
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‘Do not teach them how to fish’: The effect of zero-sum beliefs on help giving.
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Says who? Children consider informants’ sources when deciding whom to believe.
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Efficient search termination without task experience.
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How do implicit and explicit partner evaluations update in daily life? Evidence from the lab and the field.
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Effort(less) exam preparation: Math anxiety predicts the avoidance of effortful study strategies.
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When and why “staying out of it” backfires in moral and political disagreements.
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The moral repetition effect: Bad deeds seem less unethical when repeatedly encountered.
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Thinking about God discourages dehumanization of religious outgroups.
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Making utilitarian choices but giving deontological advice.
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