J Con Psych


Journal of Consumer Psychology, 32(4)



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The wellbeing implications of maximizing: A conceptual framework and meta‐analysis
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Sharing is not always caring: How sharing labels encourage personal consumption as a response to the threat of others
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‘Remember me, will you?’: Overusing material gifts for interpersonal memory management
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The Role of Cultural Congruence in the Art Infusion Effect
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Promoting Pi Day: Consumer Response to Special Day‐Themed Sales Promotions
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Can Social Comparison Motivate Satisficers? The Role of Input versus Output in Upward Social Comparison
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Preference for Material Products in Identity‐Based Consumption
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The role of original process in creating product essence and authenticity
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Looks Far Beyond My Reach: The Zoom Effect in Product Videos Influences Luxury Perception and Purchase Intention
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Conceptualizing brand purpose and considering its implications for consumer eudaimonic well‐being
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