J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 153



The impact of demonetization on microfinance institutions
Wentao Wu, Zhilu Lin, Pejvak Oghazi, Pankaj C. Patel [Google Scholar]

Crafting food products for culturally diverse markets: A narrative synthesis
Angela Gracia B. Cruz, Flavia Cardoso, Pilar Rojas-Gaviria [Google Scholar]

Signaling stewardship and the value of family in a brand heritage Identity: A cross-cultural study of wineries
Nathalie Spielmann, Allan Discua Cruz, Beverly B. Tyler, Daniele Cerrato [Google Scholar]

Digital transformation of organization using AI-CRM: From microfoundational perspective with leadership support
Sheshadri Chatterjee, Ranjan Chaudhuri, Demetris Vrontis, Fauzia Jabeen [Google Scholar]

How do family businesses adapt to the rapid pace of globalization? a bibliometric analysis
Hangyao Wu, Zeshui Xu, Marinko Skare [Google Scholar]

The changing contours of global value chains post-COVID: Evidence from the Commonwealth
Sangeeta Khorana, Hubert Escaith, Salamat Ali, Sushma Kumari, Quynh Do [Google Scholar]

Competing through innovation: Let the customer judge!
Seidali Kurtmollaiev, Line Lervik-Olsen, Tor W. Andreassen [Google Scholar]

Effects of online commercial friendships on customer revenge following a service failure
Xiaorong Fu, Jing Pang, Dogan Gursoy [Google Scholar]

Share it or buy it? Exploring the effects of product brand attachment on commercial sharing services
Xiaoyong Wei, Sojin Jung, Tsan-Ming Choi [Google Scholar]

The role of the social and technical factors in creating business value from big data analytics: A meta-analysis
Thuy Duong Oesterreich, Eduard Anton, Frank Teuteberg, Yogesh K Dwivedi [Google Scholar]

Digital transformation of healthcare sector. What is impeding adoption and continued usage of technology-driven innovations by end-users?
Shilpa Iyanna, Puneet Kaur, Peter Ractham, Shalini Talwar, A.K.M. Najmul Islam [Google Scholar]

Implementation of penalized survival models in churn prediction of vehicle insurance
Yan Chen, Lei Zhang, Yulu Zhao, Bing Xu [Google Scholar]

Servant leadership in marketing: A critical review and a model of creativity-effects
Mohammad Zarei, Magne Supphellen, Richard P. Bagozzi [Google Scholar]

Effectiveness of product recommendation framing on online retail platforms
Junhui Zhang, M.S. Balaji, Jun Luo, Subhash Jha [Google Scholar]

Money, possessions, and ownership in the Metaverse: NFTs, cryptocurrencies, Web3 and Wild Markets
Russell Belk, Mariam Humayun, Myriam Brouard [Google Scholar]

Interfirm collaboration for knowledge resources interaction among small innovative firms
Carlos Martin-Rios, Niclas L. Erhardt, Ivan M. Manev [Google Scholar]

Sociocultural changes and portrayal of women in advertisements: A temporal investigation across product categories
Sanjeev Tripathi, Anjali Bansal, Amrita Bansal [Google Scholar]

Causal complexity analysis for fintech adoption at the country level
Kun-Huang Huarng, Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu [Google Scholar]

Generation, susceptibility, and response regarding negativity: An in-depth analysis on negative online reviews
Nazan Colmekcioglu, Reza Marvi, Pantea Foroudi, Fevzi Okumus [Google Scholar]

How does innovation matter for sustainable performance? Evidence from small and medium-sized enterprises
Zhongqingyang Zhang, Huiming Zhu, Zhongbao Zhou, Kai Zou [Google Scholar]

The effects of mixed emotional appeals in leveraging paradox brands
Benlu Xin, Chengfeng Zhu, Felix Septianto [Google Scholar]

Luxury is still alive and well: A spotlight on its multifaceted components
Géraldine Michel, Anastasia Stathopoulou, Pierre Valette-Florence [Google Scholar]

Type I and type II agency conflicts in family firms: An empirical investigation
Saptarshi Purkayastha, Rajaram Veliyath, Rejie George [Google Scholar]

Dyadic business model convergence or divergence in alliances? – A configurational approach
Viktor Fredrich, Ricarda B. Bouncken, Victor Tiberius [Google Scholar]

Interacting with Chatbots: Message type and consumers’ control
Jeong-Bin Whang, Ji Hee Song, Jong-Ho Lee, Boreum Choi [Google Scholar]

Harnessing subcultural identity to optimize workplace rewards: Evidence from Russia
Detelin S. Elenkov, Ivan M. Manev, Joana C. Kuntz [Google Scholar]

“How mAy I help you today?” The use of AI chatbots in small family businesses and the moderating role of customer affective commitment
Ioannis Rizomyliotis, Minas N. Kastanakis, Apostolos Giovanis, Kleopatra Konstantoulaki, Ioannis Kostopoulos [Google Scholar]

What consumers think about product self-assembly: Insights from big data
Roozmehr Safi [Google Scholar]

The nature of vicarious embarrassment
Alexander H. Ziegler, Alexis M. Allen, John Peloza, J. Ian Norris [Google Scholar]

Ritual dynamics of a Northern Irish festivalscape
Hilary Downey, John F. Sherry [Google Scholar]

How do the source and context of experiential knowledge affect firms’ degree of internationalization?
H. Emre Yildiz, Sergey Morgulis-Yakushev, Ulf Holm, Mikael Eriksson [Google Scholar]

Is service recovery of equal importance for private vs public complainers?
Mathieu Béal, Anshu Suri, Nguyen Nguyen, Yany Grégoire, Sylvain Sénécal [Google Scholar]

Creative abilities and digital competencies to transitioning to Business 4.0
Bruno S. Sergi, Aleksandr Ključnikov, Elena G. Popkova, Aleksei V. Bogoviz, Svetlana V. Lobova [Google Scholar]

A systematic literature review of store atmosphere in alternative retail commerce channels
Jing (Daisy) Lyu, Ioannis Krasonikolakis, Demetris Vrontis [Google Scholar]

Intrapreneurship research: A comprehensive literature review
Felipe Hernández-Perlines, Antonio Ariza-Montes, Cristina Blanco-González-Tejero [Google Scholar]

Determinants of consumers’ attitudes towards digital advertising – A meta-analytic comparison across time and touchpoints
Henk Lütjens, Maik Eisenbeiss, Maximilian Fiedler, Tammo Bijmolt [Google Scholar]

Increasing the effectiveness of display social media ads for startups: The role of different claims and executional characteristics
Guillaume Hervet, Ivan A. Guitart [Google Scholar]

Brand resurrections: How past and present narrations impact consumer reactions towards resurrected utilitarian brands
Johanna Volpert, Géraldine Michel [Google Scholar]

Innovativeness and the relevance of political ties in Chinese MNEs
Cong Su, Lingshuang Kong, Francesco Ciabuschi [Google Scholar]

Knowledge management practices: A public sector perspective
Dennis Pepple, Christine Makama, John-Paul Okeke [Google Scholar]

The agility construct in the literature: Conceptualization and bibliometric assessment
Celso R.A. Pinho, Maria Luiza C.A. Pinho, Seyda Z. Deligonul, S. Tamer Cavusgil [Google Scholar]