MSP 2022


The 6th International Conference of Marketing, Strategy and Policy, Zoom event, 31 Aug-2 Sep 2022


Author: Pantea Foroudi

MSP2022 Conference Announcement

The 6th International Conference of Marketing, Strategy and Policy 2022

Where: Zoom

When: August 31st to September 2nd, 2022

Adaptive Business Models

Achieving goals setup as 2030 agenda by United Nations related to global challenges require commercial environments to adopt net zero approach and transform themselves using computational intelligence for strategically implementing restorative business models. While technological advancements can enable the transformation, the negative impact of the adaptation of these transformations on physical and psychological health of humans cannot be ignored. The solutions to such challenges reflect on need for smooth and strategic flow of information between corporations, institutions, markets and policy makers. Conceptually embedded into the role of Innovation, Institutions, Information and Technology. Academics can play an important role in building on the lessons to be learnt from these disruptions from marketing, strategy and policy viewpoint.

The sixth annual conference of Marketing, Strategy and Policy aims to invite research scholars, academics and practitioners from around the world to discuss and debate such transformations and their impacts with or without technological interventions. The objective of this conference is to bring scholarly minds together for exploring the new perspectives that can look into mechanisms which will uplift futuristic approach with an ethical and inclusive lens. In light of these discussions, this conference invites the empirical and conceptual papers that will contribute to the debate and expand knowledge required to deal with these transformations and adaptations. To continue this debate, scholars working in the field of both national and international business functions such as marketing, strategy, management, policy, technology, information sciences, data analytics and modelling etc. are encouraged to submit their conceptual and empirical research papers related to, but not limited to the topics given below:

Track 1: Brands and Branding

Track 2: Responsible Marketing Models

Track 3: International Marketing

Track 4: Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals

Track 5: Innovation, Design and Technology

Track 6: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Modelling Analytics and Robotics

Track 7: Relationship Marketing Strategy

Track 8: Social Media Marketing

Track 9: Marketing & Operations

Track 10: Business-to-Business Marketing

Track 11: Enterprise, Governance and Policy

Track 12: Transformative Marketing

Presenters will receive quality feedback from well-established scholars that will help them refine their research. Interactions with editors of top-journals will allow participants to improve their research outputs as per the expectations of the journals and reviewers, which will help them to increase chances of acceptance of their papers by top journals. Breakout sessions will provide opportunities of networking with like-minded scholars, editors and early career researchers. Keynote speakers will provide insights into future research that will guide scholarship of tomorrow.

One of the authors of the accepted manuscript should register for presenting at the conference.

Opportunity to get feedback from GEs and submit to special issues of following journals:

  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • International Journal of Information Management
  • Journal of Organisational Change Management

Papers considered by the Guest Editors (GEs) potentially suitable for publication in Industrial Marketing Management (IMM), will be invited to attend a Paper Development Workshop (PDW). Plan is to hold this PDW in the United Kingdom. However, GEs are mindful that due to COVID the PDW may need to run in an online mode. The attendance/non-attendance at the PDW will not impact the chances of getting publication in IMM. On the contrary, attending this PDW would provide an opportunity for the authors to receive feedback and improve their manuscripts before submission. An invitation to attend or participate in the PDW would not imply that the papers will be accepted for publication. It is important to note that only high quality submissions will be subjected to IMM’s rigorous double-blind peer-review process.

Doctoral Colloquium

Third Doctoral Colloquium of MSP2022 invites PhD scholars to present their work to panel of experts that will help them prepare for their defence. Interactions will enable doctoral students to understand how to manoeuvre their career in Higher Education or Industry. Participation will also allow doctoral students to pitch for opportunities of employment with potential future employers. For presenting at doctoral colloquium PhD students should submit an extended abstract of their thesis to the submission link below and choose Doctoral Colloquium from the drop down menu.

TARA Scholarships and Awards

* Best PhD Thesis Award
* Best Conceptualization Award
* Best Methodology Award
* Best Impact Award
* Best Paper Award

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