J Man


Journal of Management, 48(7)


Editorial Commentary

What Constitutes a Methodological Contribution?
Donald D. Bergh, Brian K. Boyd, Kris Byron, Steve Gove, and David J. Ketchen, Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bringing the Manager Back Into Management Scholarship
Herman Aguinis, David B. Audretsch, Caroline Flammer, Klaus E. Meyer, Mike W. Peng, and David J. Teece [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Different Horizons: The Effects of Hedge Fund Activism Versus Corporate Shareholder Activism on Strategic Actions
Mark R. DesJardine, Wei Shi, and Zhihui Sun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

To What Do I Owe This Visit? The Drawbacks and Benefits of In-Role and Non-Role Intrusions
John T. Bush, Michael D. Baer, David T. Welsh, Ryan Outlaw, Niharika Garud, and Hudson Sessions [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rivals or Collaborators? Relational Ambidexterity and Absorption Speed
Chengke Yu, Haibin Yang, He Sun, and Zhiang (John) Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: A Conceptual Model of the Antecedents and Consequences of Leader Impostorism
Ronit Kark, Alyson Meister, and Kim Peters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CEOs’ Regulatory Focus and Risk-Taking When Firms Perform Below and Above the Bar
Matthew P. Mount and Markus Baer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Exploring the Relationship Between Leader Humility and Unethical Behavior
Darren K. B, Kevin B. Lowe, Somayeh Bahmannia, Lin Cui, and Zhen Xiong Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Configurational Exploration of How Female and Male CEOs Influence Their Compensation
Krista B. Lewellyn and Maureen I. Muller-Kahle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond Reward Expectancy: How Do Periodic Incentive Payments Influence the Temporal Dynamics of Performance?
Hans T. W. Frankort and Argyro Avgoustaki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Multibusiness Corporations Split: CEO Strategizing as the Ecosystem Evolves
Robert A. Burgelman, Yuliya Snihur, and Llewellyn D. W. Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]