Applied Mar Analytics


Applied Marketing Analytics, 8(1)


Towards a theory of analytics and guidelines for practitioners
Vriens, Marco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unlocking the full potential of social listening platforms through prescriptive-based intelligence
McGuirk, Mike [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer lifetime value: How to find the right calculation and prediction approach
Coleman, Shirley; Walker, Daniel; Rahman-Chowdhury, Mohammed; Ahlemeyer-Stubbe, Andrea [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The three stages of workforce optimisation: Moving beyond the industry standard
Crisp, Dakota; Brown, Jess; Claucherty, Jack; Busteed, Davis; Schultz, Anna; Prantner, Jonathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The intuition behind machine learning in marketing: Linear TV attribution
Vinasco, Mario [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Should you change your ad messaging or execution? It depends on brand age
Pauwels, Koen; Sud, Bharat; Fisher, Robert; Antia, Kersi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The culture and leadership style combination that cultivates a best-in-class marketing organisation
Patterson, Laura; Egeland, Rita; Wong, Kathleen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why multi-disciplinary, cross-silo teams are best at analysing and actioning data collected along the customer journey
Jenner, Victoria; Soylemez, Sefer; Dzhuras-Dotta, Sasha; Tsoneva, Ralitsa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to choose the right influencer for a marketing strategy
Lenger, Aslı Diyadin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]