J Revenue Pricing Man


Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 21(4)



Price and practice
Ian Yeoman [Google Scholar]

Itemized pricing in B2B bundles with diminishing reservation prices and loss averse customers
Ritwik Raj, Mark H. Karwan, Chase Murray, Lei Sun [Google Scholar]

Nonparametric estimation of customer segments from censored sales panel data
Johannes F. Jörg, Catherine Cleophas [Google Scholar]

Risk information and markdowns-induced incentives to participate in hotel room resale schemes
Ling Ling, Timothy Webb, Zvi Schwartz [Google Scholar]

Determinants of IT adoption in furniture manufacturing companies: a price estimation case for the Baltic region
Birutė Mikulskienė, Julija Moskvina [Google Scholar]

Robust price optimization of multiple products under interval uncertainties
Mahdi Hamzeei, Alvin Lim, Jiefeng Xu [Google Scholar]

Revenue optimization strategy through digitizing retribution parking in Kota Batu
Setyo Wahyu Sulistyono, Muhammad Sri Wahyudi Suliswanto, Parama Kartika Dewa, Sonny Santosa, Chahayu Astina [Google Scholar]

Qualitative revenue management in sun-and-beach hotels
Joan Carles Cirer-Costa [Google Scholar]

Is price a significant predictor of the churn behavior during the global pandemic? A predictive modeling on the telecom industry
Vishal Shukla, Sanjeev Prashar, Bhartrihari Pandiya [Google Scholar]