J Fashion Mar Man


Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 26(4)



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Jonghan Hyun

Past, present and future of luxury brands: a review and bibliometric analysis
Rehan Husain, Taab Ahmad Samad, Yusra Qamar [Google Scholar]

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The impact of communication on consumer knowledge of environmentally sustainable apparel
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Apparel shopping styles of Ghanaian female young adults
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Influence of celebrities and online communities on Indian consumers’ green clothing involvement and purchase behavior
Arpita Khare, Amrut Sadachar, Swagata Chakraborty [Google Scholar]

Executive decision-making in fashion retail: a phenomenological exploration of resources and strategies
Danielle Sponder Testa, Elena E. Karpova [Google Scholar]

As cheap as humanly possible: why consumers care less about worker welfare
Tara Stringer, Alice Ruth Payne, Gary Mortimer [Google Scholar]