J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 151(7)



Inference from explanation.
Kirfel, Lara; Icard, Thomas; Gerstenberg, Tobias [Google Scholar]

Domain-general conflict monitoring predicts neural and behavioral indices of linguistic error processing during reading comprehension.
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Two faces of perceptual awareness during the attentional blink: Gradual and discrete.
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Event segmentation and event boundary advantage: Role of attention and postencoding processing.
Pradhan, Rujuta; Kumar, Devpriya [Google Scholar]

Speech-specific perceptual adaptation deficits in children and adults with dyslexia.
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Longitudinal evidence for differential plasticity of cognitive functions: Mindfulness-based mental training enhances working memory, but not perceptual discrimination, response inhibition, and metacognition.
Böckler, Anne; Singer, Tania [Google Scholar]

Unintended emotions in the laboratory: Emotions incidentally induced by a standard visual working memory task relate to task performance.
Laybourn, Sara; Frenzel, Anne C.; Constant, Martin; Liesefeld, Heinrich R. [Google Scholar]

Promoting farsighted decisions via episodic future thinking: A meta-analysis.
Rösch, Sarah A.; Stramaccia, Davide F.; Benoit, Roland G. [Google Scholar]

Do judges prefer advisors with dependent or independent errors? Investigating judges’ advice selection and advice weighting.
Schulz-Hardt, Stefan; Wanzel, Stella K.; Rollwage, Johannes; Treffenstädt, Christian; Schultze, Thomas [Google Scholar]

The backfire effect after correcting misinformation is strongly associated with reliability.
Swire-Thompson, Briony; Miklaucic, Nicholas; Wihbey, John P.; Lazer, David; DeGutis, Joseph [Google Scholar]

Personal relative deprivation and the belief that economic success is zero-sum.
Ongis, Martino; Davidai, Shai [Google Scholar]

A paradox of pride: Hubristic pride predicts strategic dishonesty in response to status threats.
Mercadante, Eric J.; Tracy, Jessica L. [Google Scholar]

A dissociation between conceptual prominence and explicit category learning: Evidence from agent and patient event roles.
Rissman, Lilia; Lupyan, Gary [Google Scholar]

Abstract thinking facilitates aggregation of information.
Hadar, Britt; Glickman, Moshe; Trope, Yaacov; Liberman, Nira; Usher, Marius [Google Scholar]