Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 56(7)


Re-examining age-related loyalty for low-involvement purchasing [Google Scholar]
Philip Mecredy, Malcolm Wright, Pamela Feetham, Philip Stern

From customer readiness to customer retention: the mediating role of customer psychological and behavioral engagement
Samaneh Torkzadeh, Mohammadali Zolfagharian, Atefeh Yazdanparast, Dwayne D. Gremler [Google Scholar]

What makes a product vintage? Investigating relationships between “consumer pastness,” scarcity and purchase intentions toward vintage products
Aaron Schibik, David Strutton, Kenneth Neil Thompson [Google Scholar]

Slicing vs chunking product-harm crisis: antecedents and firm performance implications
Ljubomir Pupovac, François Anthony Carrillat, David Michayluk [Google Scholar]

My dear handbags: materiality and networked constellations of consumption collections
Jamal Abarashi, Prabash Aminda Edirisingha [Google Scholar]

How posting in social networks affects employee-based brand equity
Andreas Hesse, Holger J. Schmidt, Ronja Bosslet, Mariella Häusler, Aileen Schneider [Google Scholar]

Customer engagement with service providers: an empirical investigation of customer engagement dispositions
Max Sim, Jodie Conduit, Carolin Plewa, Janin Karoli Hentzen [Google Scholar]

Encouraging product reuse and upcycling via creativity priming, imagination and inspiration
Liudmila Tarabashkina, Alua Devine, Pascale G. Quester [Google Scholar]

When does service employee’s accent matter? Examining the moderating effect of service type, service criticality and accent service congruence
Sally Rao Hill, Alastair G. Tombs [Google Scholar]

Brand hate: a literature review and future research agenda
Rahila Aziz, Zillur Rahman [Google Scholar]

Exploring the dark side of integrity: impact of CEO integrity on firms’ innovativeness, risk-taking and proactiveness
Prachi Gala, Saim Kashmiri [Google Scholar]