Political Ideology and Consumption


Webinar from the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 20 Jul 2022


Author: James Ellis

JACR Webinar on Political Ideology and Consumption

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Political ideology is a collection of beliefs, philosophical ideals, principles and doctrines that provide a basis for interpreting and evaluating the morality and appropriateness of one’s own and others’ behavior, social policies, and organizations that support them. Over the years, the influence of political ideology is evident not only in how we vote but also in how we make mundane decisions such as how much to eat, what to wear, which charities to support or which brands to buy. In this webinar we feature the latest research done in the consumer domain and provide marketing scholars, researchers and policy makers the opportunity to engage with researchers who are in the trenches trying to unravel some of the ways in which political ideology affects our lives.

The discussion will be hosted by Guest Editors Rashmi Adaval and Robert S. Wyer, Professors of Marketing at the University of Cincinnati.

The webinar will feature discussions and follow-up Q&A based on some of these articles from the current issue:

Political Ideology and Consumption: Perspectives and Effects
Rashmi Adaval and Robert S. Wyer Jr.

Liberals as Cultural Omnivores
Nick Rogers and John T. Jost

Political Ideology and Cultural Consumption: The Role of Flexibility in Shaping Liberal and Conservative Preferences for Global-Local Experiences
Bryan M. Buechner, Joshua J. Clarkson, Ashley S. Otto, and Garrett Ainsworth

“Open to Give”: Mindfulness Improves Evaluations of Charity Appeals That Are Incongruent with the Consumer’s Political Ideology
Amy Errmann, Yuri Seo, and Felix Septianto

Economic Conservatism Predicts Preference for Automated Products
Eugene Y. Chan, Gavin Northey, and Sylvie Borau

Politics, Promotions, and Pandemics: Political Ideologies Shape Consumers’ Responses to Framed versus Unframed Brand Logos and COVID-19 Recommendations
Mina Kwon, Andrew S. Manikas, and Michael J. Barone

Are Conservatives Less Likely Than Liberals to Accept Welfare? The Psychology of Welfare Politics
Shreyans Goenka and Manoj Thomas

How Political Identity Influences COVID-19 Risk Perception: A Model of Identity-Based Risk Perception
Ellie Kyung, Manoj Thomas, and Aradhna Krishna

A Tale of Two “Ideologies”: Differences in Consumer Response to Brand Activism
Nitika Garg and Geetanjali Saluja

Under a Political Cloud: How Politicized Brands Shape Gift Appreciation
William Ding, Jeff Joireman, and David E. Sprott

Bringing Our Values to the Table: Political Ideology, Food Waste, and Overconsumption
Erick M. Mas, Kelly L. Haws, and Kelly Goldsmith

The Face of Political Beliefs: Why Gender Matters for Electability
Ahreum Maeng and Pankaj Aggarwal

Women’s Attitudes toward Sexual Objectification in Brands: A Political Ideology Perspective
Carlos J. Torelli, Yafei Guo, and Hyewon Cho

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