ISBM Research Fellow


Srinath Gopalakrishna is the latest ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow


Author: Lori Nicolini

Gopalakrishna Announced as ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow

Srinath Gopalakrishna (University of Missouri) has been announced as an ISBM Distinguished Research Fellow. He will be inducted to the prestigious group of ISBM Fellows during a special session at the ISBM Academic Conference to be held at the University of Illinois Chicago on August 10, 2022.

An ISBM Fellow is:

  1. A recognized senior scholar and thought leader in one or more domains of B2B marketing,
  2. Dedicated to the Institute’s mission of advancing both the theory and the practice of the discipline,
  3. Dedicated to working with practitioners, is deeply involved in B2B education, is active in field research and publication in respected journals, and
  4. Active in ISBM academic meetings, practitioner meetings and/or ISBM educational programs.

Srinath received multiple strong nomination letters from current Fellows, providing detailed documentation of his qualifications. In particular, his pioneering research on trade shows received much praise. Per the Fellows Protocol, Stefan Wuyts, ISBM Director and Andrew Petersen, Associate Director, appointed a selection committee, comprised of Sundar Bharadwaj (University of Georgia), Sandy Jap (Emory University), and Raji Srinivasan (University of Texas, Austin). All agreed that Srinath excelled on all dimensions noted above and will make a fine addition to the eminent group of ISBM Fellows. Congratulations, Srinath!