J Mar Theory Prac


Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 30(3)


What drives generation-y women to buy fashion items online?
Christopher J. Parker & Hsin-Yun Kuo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of social media influencers’ self-disclosure on behavioral intentions: The role of source credibility, parasocial relationships, and brand trust
Fernanda Polli Leite & Paulo de Paula Baptista [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Satisfaction in clinics and hospitals: Does context matter?
Kevin James, Kerri M. Camp, Janna Parker, JungHwa (Jenny) Hong & Joanne T. Cao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

International marketing capabilities development: The role of firm cultural intelligence and social media technologies
Joe Hazzam & Stephen Wilkins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling the differential effect of brand strength on the sales effect of advertising
Tatsuya Kawahara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An 8-nation empirical test of three interpersonal listening techniques
Charles M. Wood & Bruce L. Alford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bringing theory to practice: Examining the role of pay for performance, intrinsic motivation, and culture on sales agent tenure
Richard Conde, Victor Prybutok & Kenneth Thompson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of transaction methods on perceived contamination and attitude toward retailers
Patrick B. Fennell, Simbarashe Pasirayi, Aaron Johnson & Dan H. Rice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Digital analytics approach to understanding short video advertising in digital marketing
Prince Clement Addo, Samuel Kofi Akpatsa, Philip Nukpe, Asare Andy Ohemeng & Nora Bakabbey Kulbo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]