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Direct Selling Education Foundation Sales Research Doctoral Student Grants Program; Deadline now 29 Jul 2022


Author: Greg Marshall


2022 DSEF Sales Research Doctoral Student Grants Program

The Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) initiated a grants program in 2019 to provide funding to attract doctoral program applicants with an aspiring interest in sales-related research at AACSB accredited doctoral-granting institutions (for a quick look at DSEF’s purpose and academic activities, see (https://dsef.org/doctoral-sales-grant/).

The program has been very successful and awarded multiple grants in 2019, 2020, and 2021. It is now time to solicit nominations by doctoral supervisors for students to be considered for the 2022 round of awards. As a condition of the grant, the recipient commits to writing a publishable research study or dissertation that focuses on a sales-related topic of importance and relevance to DSEF and/or to one or more of its member firms. In addition to funding, DSEF may provide access to Direct Selling Association (DSA) industry datasets, or work with the doctoral student and his or her advisor to find a suitable DSEF member firm that is interested in facilitating the research study (data access, sampling, etc.). DSEF will generously commit to up to two of these grants in 2022. Each grant carries four years of $1,000 annual disbursements, contingent on achieving academic and research objectives as delineated in the DSEF Sales Doctoral Grants – Guidelines and Requirements specified below.

We encourage you and your institution to nominate an applicant to your doctoral program to receive one of the DSEF Doctoral Sales Grants for the fall 2022 enrollment year. The deadline for submitting your nomination with supporting documentation has been extended to July 29, 2022. Grant award decisions will be announced by August 15, 2022.

Fernando Jaramillo, University of Texas at Arlington

Greg W. Marshall, Rollins College

2022 Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) Doctoral Sales Grant Program – Guidelines and Requirements

Purpose: The DSEF Doctoral Sales Grant Program will help AACSB accredited doctoral granting institutions build, recruit, and retain the next generation of aspiring sales-focused future faculty and scholars.

Eligibility: Doctoral students unconditionally admitted with a fall 2022 start date, and first year students currently enrolled in a doctoral program from an AACSB accredited doctoral granted institution.

Selection: The selection of applicants is based on the following criteria:

  1. Evaluation of a one-page essay submitted by the applicant expressing an interest in pursuing sales research as a focus of his/her doctoral studies and dissertation.
  2. Acceptance to an AACSB accredited doctoral program, supported by nomination from that program’s doctoral coordinator.
  3. Proposals relevant to the direct selling channel, DSEF and Direct Selling Association (DSA) member companies.
  4. A current summary curriculum vita of the applicant (two pages maximum).
  5. Expressed written intent to pursue a career in academia, after graduation.

Application Submission:  Email application materials to Dr. Fernando Jaramillo, University of Texas at Arlington – jaramillo@uta.edu. Applications must be submitted by July 29, 2022 to receive full consideration. Award decisions will be announced by August 15, 2022.

Selection Committee:  The selection committee is composed of two active sales professors along with two members of the DSEF leadership team.

DSEF Sales Doctoral Student Grants Disbursement Calendar   

  • Year 1: The doctoral student receives a $1,000 grant upon full confirmation of enrollment in the submitting doctoral program.
  • Year 2: The recipient receives a second $1,000 grant and writes a research or dissertation proposal that focuses on a topic of relevance for DSEF or one or more of its member firms. In tandem, DSEF will provide access to Direct Selling Association (DSA) datasets, or work with the doctoral student and his/her advisor to find one or more suitable DSEF member firms interested in conducting the research study (data access, sampling, etc.).
  • Year 3: The recipient receives a third $1,000 grant and presents preliminary research findings to DSEF and the sponsoring firm(s).
  • Year 4: The recipient receives a final $1,000 grant and completes the research project (dissertation final defense approval and/or manuscript submission to a quality journal).