How to Connect Producers and Consumers


Impacts of Platforms on the Design and the Functioning of Agri-Food Value Chains, Special issue of the International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management; Deadline 31 Oct 2022

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Author: Charlotte Eagles

How to connect producers and consumers: Impacts of platforms on the design and the functioning of agri-food value chains?



The agri-food industry faces many challenges: environmental, with the necessary reduction of phytosanitary products and carbon footprint; technological, with the development of digital technologies and services; social, with the expectation of reconnecting producers and consumers; nutritional, with the growing demand of consumers for healthy and local production; and economical, with the need to just and fair value sharing among actors involved in agri-food chains. These challenges are part of a constantly evolving context, where the development of digital technologies and services is changing the design of value chains and the relations between all actors. Beyond the development of new organizational forms, new actors are emerging. Digital platforms, as new intermediaries in the agri-food chains, bring producers and consumers closer to each other. These intermediaries nowadays play an important role in all activities and are becoming key actors to study, since they modify the existing modes of coordination between actors in the agri-food sector. Indeed, the various forms of platforms facilitate connections between actors (producers, advisors, transformers, distributors, retailers, consumers…) at the different levels of agri-food value chains, raising questions and needs for more research about the organizational changes they induce.

The originality of this special issue is to involve both the scientific community and the professional one. The pluridisciplinarity of research – economy, sociology, politics… – is another originality. The third one is the diversity of the relationships, either BtoB or BtoC, to be considered: platforms and producers, platforms and distributors, platforms and retailors, platforms and consumers, platform and platform….

List of topic areas

  • Digital Agriculture;
  • Agriculture 4.0;
  • Digitalization;
  • Agri-food chains;
  • Platforms;
  • B2B platforms;
  • B2C platforms

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