J Proc Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 31(6)



In search of fit or authenticity? A product-type consumer decision in celebrity brand extensions
María Lucila Osorio, Edgar Centeno, Jesús Cambra-Fierro, Ernesto del Castillo [Google Scholar]

Does the developed-country brand name still matter? Consumers’ purchase intentions and ethnocentrism and materialism as moderators
Marzanna Katarzyna Witek-Hajduk, Anna Grudecka [Google Scholar]

Interactive effects of self-congruity and need for uniqueness on brand loyalty via brand experience and brand attachment
Fayrene Chieng, Piyush Sharma, Russel PJ Kingshott, Rajat Roy [Google Scholar]

Influencing and being influenced: effects of individual influence and susceptibility on new product adoption
Honghong Zhang, Xiushuang Gong [Google Scholar]

The missing link in the evolution of product design: a strategy roadmap towards product development success
Ardalan Sameti [Google Scholar]

Using brands to reconnect with our shared past: brand nostalgia in romantic relationships
Anna Vredeveld, Selcan Kara [Google Scholar]

Are product design researchers and practitioners on the same page? The way professional product designers view creative design
Ardalan Sameti, Scott Koslow, Arash Mashhady [Google Scholar]

When is sustainability an asset? The interaction effects between the green attributes and product category
Siyu Gong, Li Wang, Peter Peverelli, Danni Suo [Google Scholar]

How isolation leads to purchasing luxury brands: the moderating effects of COVID-19 anxiety and social capital
Sajani Thapa, Francisco Guzmán, Audhesh K. Paswan [Google Scholar]