J Retailing


Journal of Retailing, 98(2)



Bidding Goodbye as JR Editors and Saying Thanks

The Fifth Industrial Revolution: How Harmonious Human–Machine Collaboration is Triggering a Retail and Service [R]evolution
Stephanie M. Noble, Martin Mende, Dhruv Grewal, A. Parasuraman [Google Scholar]

A Framework for Collaborative Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
Ming-Hui Huang, Roland T. Rust [Google Scholar]

The Future of Digital Communication Research: Considering Dynamics and Multimodality
Dhruv Grewal, Dennis Herhausen, Stephan Ludwig, Francisco Villarroel Ordenes [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Mobile App Adoption on Cross-buying: The Moderating Roles of Product Category Characteristics and Adoption Timing
Huan Liu, F. Javier Sese [Google Scholar]

Information Search and Product Returns Across Mobile and Traditional Online Channels
Yufei Zhang, Clay M. Voorhees, Chen Lin, Jeongwen Chiang, G.Tomas M. Hult, Roger J. Calantone [Google Scholar]

We Eat First with Our (Digital) Eyes: Enhancing Mental Simulation of Eating Experiences via Visual-Enabling Technologies
Olivia Petit, Ana Javornik, Carlos Velasco [Google Scholar]

Managing a Global Retail Brand in Different Markets: Meta-Analyses of Customer Responses to Service Encounters
Ruth N. Bolton, Anders Gustafsson, Crina O. Tarasi, Lars Witell [Google Scholar]

How Customer Requests Influence Frontline Employee Job Outcomes: The Role of Personal Appraisal Tendencies and Situational Customer Demandingness
Jin Ho Jung, Tom J. Brown, Alex R. Zablah [Google Scholar]

Uppercase Premium Effect: The Role of Brand Letter Case in Brand Premiumness
Yining Yu, Xinyue Zhou, Lei Wang, Qiuzhen Wang [Google Scholar]

On The Reference Point Effect of Reserve and Buy It Now Prices
Zelin Zhang, Ernan Haruvy, Peter T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc [Google Scholar]