J Con Affairs


Journal of Consumer Affairs, 56(2)



Prosocial responses to global crises: Key influences of religiosity and perceived control
Elizabeth A. Minton, Cindy X. Wang, Carissa M. Anthony [Google Scholar]

Reducing information asymmetry and increasing health value co‐creation in a rural healthcare context
Andrew J. Dahl, James W. Peltier, George R. Milne [Google Scholar]

Does industry self‐regulation work to protect consumers? An evaluation of the children’s food and beverage advertising initiative
Rosemary J. Avery, Aerin Brown, Alan Mathios [Google Scholar]

The healing effect of cute elements
Hsuan-Yi Chou, Xing-Yu (Marcos) Chu, Tzu-Chun Chen [Google Scholar]

“Our fair trade coffee tastes better”: It might, but under what conditions?
Stuart C. Carr, Ines Meyer, Mahima Saxena, Christian Seubert, Lisa Hopfgartner, Bimal Arora, Divya Jyoti, Robert Rugimbana, Heather Kempton, Leo Marai [Google Scholar]

Unhealthy food preferences: A psychological consequence of poverty?
Dominic Thomas [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ knowledge of cashless payments: Development, validation, and usability of a measurement scale
Andrzej Cwynar, Beata Świecka, Kamil Filipek, Robert Porzak [Google Scholar]

Does depletion have a bright side? Self‐regulation exertion heightens creative engagement

Cony M. Ho, Szu-Han ( Joanna) Lin, Russell E. Johnson

Effects of art consumption on consumer well‐being
Donghwy An, Bo-ram Jeong, Nara Youn [Google Scholar]

The ethics of nudging: Using moral foundations theory to understand consumers’ approval of nudges
Rafi M. M. I. Chowdhury [Google Scholar]

Financial self‐efficacy, financial literacy, and gender: A review
Elise Frølich Furrebøe, Ellen Katrine Nyhus [Google Scholar]

Income and geographically constrained generosity
Yujie Zhao, Xinyue Zhou [Google Scholar]

Insurance literacy among older people in Japan: The role of socio‐economic status
Yoshihiko Kadoya, Naheed Rabbani, Mostafa Saidur Rahim Khan [Google Scholar]

Either you control social media or social media controls you: Understanding the impact of self‐control on excessive social media use from the dual‐system perspective
Kseniia Zahrai, Ekant Veer, Paul William Ballantine, Huibert Peter de Vries, Girish Prayag [Google Scholar]

Patient susceptibility to over‐trust: The case of off‐label prescribing
M. Paula Fitzgerald, Farnoush Reshadi, Matthew Sarkees [Google Scholar]

The effect of subjective well‐being on consumption behavior
Miha Dominko, Miroslav Verbič [Google Scholar]

Is music piracy over? Comparing music piracy attitudes and behaviors between young generations
Karla Borja, Suzanne Dieringer [Google Scholar]

Trends and Application

Evaluation of the association between the flow of firearms and mass shooting deaths
Chip E. Miller, Andrew Bryant [Google Scholar]


Measurement error in research on financial literacy: How much error is there and how does it influence effect size estimates?
Gilles E. Gignac, Elizabeth Ooi [Google Scholar]

Practical Application

Market segmentation strategies can be used to overcome COVID‐19 vaccine hesitancy and other health crises
Matthew D. Meng, Mitchell C. Olsen [Google Scholar]

Mitigating the detrimental effect of skeuomorphism on gambling behavior
Matthew D. Meng, R. Bret Leary [Google Scholar]

Bank compliance with national transaction account standards: Evidence from a mid‐western metropolitan area
Julie Birkenmaier, Jin Huang, Alana Balu [Google Scholar]

Financial capability and wellbeing of vulnerable consumers
Jing Jian Xiao, Nilton Porto [Google Scholar]