J Bus Bus Mar


Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 29(2)



Are Business-to-Business Employees More Engaged or Burned Out amid A Global Health Crisis: A Comparative Study
Diane R. Edmondson & Lucy M. Matthews [Google Scholar]

Framing Changes of the Value Proposition of Emerging Technologies in a B2B Context
Gulnara Nussipova [Google Scholar]

Some Reflections on the State of Business-to-Business Marketing Research
Nektarios Tzempelikos [Google Scholar]

Growing through Giving: The Role of Paying it Forward in Business-to-Business Marketing
Theresa Eriksson [Google Scholar]

Servant Leadership Effects on Salesperson Self-Efficacy, Performance, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intentions
Kevin W. Westbrook & Robert M. Peterson [Google Scholar]

Stop making excuses: reducing unethical behavior and improving performance and relationship quality
Megan C. Good & Charles H. Schwepker Jr. [Google Scholar]

Impact of Contract Specificity and Enforcement on Channel Opportunism and Conflict
Ruifeng Wei, Guijun Zhuang & Sihan Li [Google Scholar]

Practitioner Notes

A Process-Based Framework for B-to-B Service Quality: A Practitioner Note of Management Consulting Service
N. Venkateswaran [Google Scholar]

Referrals are A Double-Edged Sword: A Relative Theory of Referral Effects
Zhao Liming & Bai Xuejiao [Google Scholar]