J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 151(5)



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Developmental change in the use of base-rates and individuating information.
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Learned temporal statistics guide information seeking and shape memory.
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Automatically controlled: Task irrelevance fully cancels otherwise automatic imitation.
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Guidance of attention from visual working memory is feature-based, not object-based: Implications for models of feature binding.
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Effects of semantic diversity and word frequency on single word processing.
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A comparison of memories of fiction and autobiographical memories.
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Articulation contributes to valence sound symbolism.
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Diversifying neighborhoods and schools engender perceptions of foreign cultural threat among White Americans.
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Preferential forgiveness: The impact of group membership and remorse on preschoolers’ forgiveness.
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Hello, stranger? Pleasant conversations are preceded by concerns about starting one.
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Of pandemics, politics, and personality: The role of conscientiousness and political ideology in the sharing of fake news.
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The intent and extent of collective threats: A data-driven conceptualization of collective threats and their relation to political preferences.
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Explaining the existential: Scientific and religious explanations play different functional roles.
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