CCT PhD Network Survey


The Consumer Culture Theory PhD Network invites all doctoral students to complete a short survey


Author: Narek Grigorian

The Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) Ph.D. Network is inviting all doctoral students to complete a short survey to help us create a comprehensive database of all the currently active doctoral students in the field. This will help in facilitating future events to assist in socializing amongst this cohort, exchanging research ideas and creating opportunities for feedback and mentorship in a supportive and friendly environment.

We would be more than grateful if current CCT Ph.D.’s could complete this survey to learn a few more details about your stage in the Ph.D. journey, your research interests, your interest in being considered for events and other initiatives for Ph.D. students in the field, and your requirements/ideas that the Ph.D. Network can cater to. We appreciate your time and effort!

The CCT Ph.D. Network Representatives:

Nitisha Tomar
Narek Grigorian
Gabrielle Patry-Beaudoin