J Services Mar


Journal of Services Marketing, 36(4)



Special issue: Opportunities in the new service marketplace

Guest editors: Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Mark S. Rosenbaum

Editorial: Opportunities in the new service marketplace
Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Mark S. Rosenbaum [Google Scholar]

Viewpoint: plotting a way forward for service research in and out of Africa
Christo Boshoff, Ogechi Adeola, Robert E. Hinson, Kristina Heinonen [Google Scholar]

Viewpoint: cost-effective health care developments and research opportunities in China, India and Singapore
Jochen Wirtz, Chen Lin, Gopal Das [Google Scholar]

Viewpoint: applying pragmatism to stimulate service research and practice – a European perspective
Kristina Heinonen, Tore Strandvik [Google Scholar]

Viewpoint: internet revolution lessons applied to post-pandemic service delivery (a North American perspective)
Matthew L. Meuter [Google Scholar]

Viewpoint: a transformative view for small service firms in the new Latin American service marketplace
Constanza Bianchi [Google Scholar]

Viewpoint: shaping resilient service ecosystems in times of crises – a trans-Tasman perspective
Julia A. Fehrer, Liliana L. Bove [Google Scholar]

SafeCX: a framework for safe customer experience in omnichannel retailing
Syed Mahmudur Rahman, Jamie Carlson, Noman H. Chowdhury [Google Scholar]

The effects of companies’ face mask usage on consumers’ reactions in the service marketplace
Marco Pichierri, Luca Petruzzellis [Google Scholar]

In this together: the long-term effect of a collective crisis on the retail and service sector
Carla Ferraro, Sean Sands, Alexander Schnack, Jonathan Elms, Colin L. Campbell [Google Scholar]

“There is no place like my mall”: consumer reactions to the absence of mall experiences
Iris Vilnai-Yavetz, Shaked Gilboa, Vincent Mitchell [Google Scholar]

Cause for pause in retail service: a respond, reimagine, recover framework
Nitha Palakshappa, Sarah Dodds, Sandy Bulmer [Google Scholar]

Online student engagement and place attachment to campus in the new service marketplace: an exploratory study
Yuying Huang, Jörg Finsterwalder, Ning (Chris) Chen, Fraser Robert Liam Crawford [Google Scholar]

Customer incivility and employee outcomes in the new service marketplace
Hansol Hwang, Won-Moo Hur, Yuhyung Shin, Youngjin Kim [Google Scholar]