J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 31(5)



Sustainability through the lens of the professional adviser: the case for brand trust [http://scholar+google+com/scholar+q=+&btnG=Search“>Google Scholar]
Michael Stoica, Thomas M. Hickman [—Charles S. Areni [Google Scholar]

Exploring the chain of effects between local identity and expatriate consumers’ preference for local food brands
Dario Miocevic, Ruzica Brecic, Srdan Zdravkovic [Google Scholar]

Birds of a feather: brand attachment through the lens of consumer political ideologies
Richard L. Flight, Kesha Coker [Google Scholar]

User design as a double-edged sword: exploring perceived self-improvement and uncertainty in purchasing utilitarian products
Chunfeng Chen, Depeng Zhang, Kevin Lu, Catherine L. Wang [Google Scholar]

Understanding the ties between brand gender and brand engagement in online brand communities: the moderating role of consumers’ biological sex
Jitender Kumar [Google Scholar]

The effect of corporate political advocacy on brand perception: an event study analysis
Jan Klostermann, Chris Hydock, Reinhold Decker [Google Scholar]

Customers’ self-image congruity and brand preference: a moderated mediation model of self-brand connection and self-motivation
Yaoqi Li, Chun Zhang, Lori Shelby, Tzung-Cheng Huan [Google Scholar]

Cultivating consumer subjective well-being through online brand communities: a multidimensional view of social capital
Zhimin Zhou, Rixiang Wang, Ge Zhan [Google Scholar]

Enhancing brand loyalty through online brand communities: the role of community benefits
Travis K. Huang, Yi-Ting Wang, Kuan-Yu Lin [Google Scholar]