Ind Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 104


Digital transformation and sustainable performance: The moderating role of market turbulence
Lixu Li [Google Scholar]

Under which conditions do manufacturing companies choose FDI for service provision in foreign markets? An investigation using fsQCA
Jelena Jovanovic, Dirk Morschett [Google Scholar]

Market dialogue in public procurement: Buyer-supplier interfaces and relational abilities
Anne-Maria Holma, Maren Wiktorin Østensen, Elsebeth Holmen, Luitzen de Boer [Google Scholar]

What’s in it for me? The occurrence of supplier innovation contribution in the context of supplier-dominant innovation: The supplier’s perspective
Suicheng Li, Mengchao Wu, Mingwei Zhu [Google Scholar]

When does customer participation influence new product performance? The role of ambiguity and strategic collaboration
Ruby P. Lee, Yonggui Wang, Shuang Ma, Jeffrey Anderson [Google Scholar]

The impact of customer characteristics on exploitation and exploration capabilities: An empirical study of outsourcing service companies
Venus Kanani-Moghadam, Seyed Ashkan Zarghami [Google Scholar]

The salesperson as a knowledge broker: The effect of sales influence tactics on customer learning, purchase decision, and profitability
Leff Bonney, Lisa L. Beeler, Ross W. Johnson, Bryan Hochstein [Google Scholar]

Value creation, appropriation and destruction in coopetitive relationships among micro-firms
Anne Albert-Cromarias, Alexandre Asselineau, Grégory Blanchard [Google Scholar]

Intra and interorganizational paradoxes and actionable solutions in product-service networks. Edited by: Ismail Golgeci, Ewelina Lacka, Olli Kuivalainen and Vicky Story

Coping with the relational paradoxes of outcome-based services
Lauri Korkeamäki, David Sjödin, Marko Kohtamäki, Vinit Parida [Google Scholar]

Moving toward autonomous solutions: The role of Product-Service-Software Systems. Edited By: Marko Kohtamäk, David Sjödin, Rodrigo Rabetino, Vinit Parida, Stephan Henneberg

Creating value in servitization through digital service innovations
Chris Raddats, Parikshit Naik, Ali Ziaee Bigdeli [Google Scholar]

Using shaping-strategies to thrive in the age of disruption. Edited by Kaj Storbacka, Linda D. Peters, Suvi Nenonen, Roderick J. Brodie

Market-shaping roles – Exploring actor roles in the shaping of the Swedish market for liquefied gas
Alexander Flaig, Mikael Ottosson [Google Scholar]

Dark Side of Sharing Economy – Managing and sustaining B2B relationships on platforms. Edited by Nripendra P. Rana, Arpan Kumar Kar, Manish Gupta, Ilias O. Pappas and Thanos Papadopoulos

The future of marketing analytics in the sharing economy
Shahriar Akter, Umme Hani, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Anuj Sharma [Google Scholar]

The Role of Relational Governance and Dynamic Capabilities for SMEs in B2B Market in Times of Crisis. Edited by Bulent Menguc, Mumin Dayan and Volkan Yeniaras

SMEs navigating COVID-19: The influence of social capital and dynamic capabilities on organizational resilience
Lucie K. Ozanne, Mesbahuddin Chowdhury, Girish Prayag, Diane A. Mollenkopf [Google Scholar]

Sustainable B2B Branding: Taking stock of our knowledge. Edited by Poul Houman Andersen, Andreea Bujac and Susanne Åberg

Coopetition – Strategy and interorganizational transformation: Platform, innovation barriers, and coopetitive dynamics
Thommie Burström, Sören Kock, Joakim Wincent [Google Scholar]

Purchasing involvement in new product development: An absorptive capacity perspective
Katia Picaud-Bello, Thomas Johnsen, Richard Calvi [Google Scholar]

Exploring the governance mechanisms for value co-creation in PSS business ecosystems
Ai Qiang Li, Björn Claes, Maneesh Kumar, Pauline Found [Google Scholar]

Lone wolf tendency and ethical behaviors in sales: Examining the roles of perceived supervisor support and salesperson self-efficacy
Bruno Lussier, Nawar N. Chaker, Nathaniel N. Hartmann, Deva Rangarajan [Google Scholar]

When to sign a contract: The timing of contractual commitments
Niels Peter Mols [Google Scholar]

A configurational examination of agile development as a sociotechnical system
Mohsin Malik, Stuart Orr [Google Scholar]

Quantifying the effect of status in a multi-tier loyalty program
Vijay Viswanathan, Kim Koetterheinrich, Tammo Bijmolt, Manfred Krafft, F. Javier Sese [Google Scholar]

Multi-perspective analysis of monetary effects of information sharing between supply chain partners
Frank Bodendorf, Jörg Franke [Google Scholar]

Artificial Intelligence for B2B Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities.Edited by: Yogesh Dwivedi, Yichuan Wang

Integrating machine learning, modularity and supply chain integration for Branding 4.0
Ye Yan, Suraksha Gupta, Tana Cristina Licsandru, Klaus Schoefer [Google Scholar]

Managing B2B customer journeys in digital era: Four management activities with artificial intelligence-empowered tools
Sami Rusthollkarhu, Sebastian Toukola, Leena Aarikka-Stenroos, Tommi Mahlamäki [Google Scholar]

4th Industrial Marketing Management Summit.Edited by: Anthony Di Benedetto, Adam Lindgreen

Integrating the business networks and internet of things perspectives: A system of systems (SoS) approach for industrial markets
Catherine Pardo, Ruiqi Wei, Björn Sven Ivens [Google Scholar]

The Contemporary Face of Word-Of-Mouth in B2B Contexts: New Technologies, Practices and Challenges

The role of cool versus warm colors in B2B versus B2C firm-generated content for boosting positive eWOM
Jumbum Kwon, Ka Wing Chan, William Gu, Felix Septianto [Google Scholar]

B2B eWOM on Alibaba: Signaling through online reviews in platform-based social exchange
Zsófia Tóth, Mona Mrad, Omar S. Itani, Jun Luo, Martin J. Liu [Google Scholar]

Competence is power: How digital influencers impact buying decisions in B2B markets
Benedetta Crisafulli, La Toya Quamina, Jaywant Singh [Google Scholar]

Methodological papers

Expanding into new product lines in response to COVID-19: The interplay between firm age and performance aspirations
Sofia Angelidou, Ana Catarina Cadima Lisboa, Charalampos Saridakis [Google Scholar]

The Role of Technology in Achieving Effective Circular Supply Chain Management. Edited by Fu Jia, Michelle Steward, Lujie Chen and Tobias Schoenherr

The role of traceability in end-to-end circular agri-food supply chains
Foivos Anastasiadis, Ioannis Manikas, Ioanna Apostolidou, Sabreen Wahbeh [Google Scholar]