J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 148



The territory effect: How awe reduces territoriality and enhances sharing intention
Liying Wang, Guangling Zhang, Jie Chen, Xingming Lu, Fengsen Song [Google Scholar]

The effects of interfirm cooperation purpose on export performance: Choosing between local and overseas partners
Jose Brache, Lisa Callagher, Kenneth Husted [Google Scholar]

The effect of social media apps on shopping apps
Jae Yeon Yoon, Chaehyeon Lee, Jeonghye Choi, Sue Ryung Chang, Jikyung Kim [Google Scholar]

Ability is in the eye of the beholder: How context and individual factors shape consumer perceptions of digital assistant ability
Lisa Beeler, Alex R. Zablah, Adam Rapp [Google Scholar]

Dynamic capabilities and innovation ambidexterity: The roles of intellectual capital and innovation orientation
Mandana Farzaneh, Ralf Wilden, Leila Afshari, Gholamhossein Mehralian [Google Scholar]

Endorser gender and age effects in B2B advertising
Mayoor Mohan, Jodie L. Ferguson, Bruce A. Huhmann [Google Scholar]

The role of perceived value, trust and engagement in the C2C online secondary marketplace
Emi Moriuchi, Ikuo Takahashi [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurial marketing and reconfiguration towards post-entry performance: Moderating effects of market dynamism and entry mode
Dominic Buccieri, JiEun Park [Google Scholar]

Guidelines for advancing theory and practice through bibliometric research
Debmalya Mukherjee, Weng Marc Lim, Satish Kumar, Naveen Donthu [Google Scholar]

Network cooperation and economic performance of SMEs: Direct and mediating impacts of innovation and internationalisation
Rashmeet Singh, Deepak Chandrashekar, Bala Subrahmanya Mungila Hillemane, Arun Sukumar, Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi [Google Scholar]

Effects of revenue management on perceived value, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty
Kohsuke Matsuoka [Google Scholar]

Lone founders, family founders, and corporate social responsibility
Olivier Meier, Guillaume Schier [Google Scholar]

An investigation of sustainable consumption behavior systems – Exploring personal and socio-structural characteristics in different national contexts
Alexandra Ganglmair-Wooliscroft, Ben Wooliscroft [Google Scholar]

The more the better? Data disclosure between the conflicting priorities of privacy concerns, information sensitivity and personalization in e-commerce
Matthias H.J. Gouthier, Carina Nennstiel, Nora Kern, Lars Wendel [Google Scholar]

Marriage equality for everyone? The business case for same sex marriage legislation
Jianrong Wang, Smriti Anand, Hui Li, Wei Du [Google Scholar]

The legitimization process of social enterprises across development stages: Two case studies
Xin Chen, Yuanqiong He, Lihua Wang, Jie Xiong, Ruihua Joy Jiang [Google Scholar]

Mind the gap: Understanding the gap between intentions and behaviour in the charity context
Cathy Nguyen, Margaret Faulkner, Song Yang, John Williams, Luqiong Tong [Google Scholar]

What do managers value in the leader-member exchange (LMX) relationship? Identification and measurement of the manager’s perspective of LMX (MLMX)
Mary Uhl-Bien, Melissa Carsten, Lei Huang, John Maslyn [Google Scholar]

The effectiveness of AI salesperson vs. human salesperson across the buyer-seller relationship stages
Woojung Chang [Google Scholar]

Effect of dynamic promotion display on purchase intention: The moderating role of involvement
Zihe Chen, Dong Hong Zhu [Google Scholar]

Financial inclusion through digitalisation: Economic viability for the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) segment
Suraksha Gupta, Rama Prasad Kanungo [Google Scholar]

How displaying price discounts can mitigate negative customer reactions to dynamic pricing
Alisa Keller, Mila Vogelsang, Dirk Totzek [Google Scholar]

Customer-Country diversification and inventory efficiency: Comparative evidence from the manufacturing sector during the pre-pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic periods
Jian-yu Fisher Ke, James Otto, Chaodong Han [Google Scholar]

The mechanism of team-member exchange on knowledge hiding under the background of “Guanxi”
Chunping Tan, Jiayan Zhang, Yuqi Zhang [Google Scholar]

Promoting corporate social responsibility message in COVID-19 advertising: How threat persuasion affects consumer responses to altruistic versus strategic CSR
Quan Xie, Tianjiao (Grace) Wang [Google Scholar]

Customer engagement and social media: Revisiting the past to inform the future
Weng Marc Lim, Tareq Rasul [Google Scholar]

Interorganizational R&D projects in clustering contexts: A resource interaction perspective
Raffaele Silvestri, Roberta Bocconcelli, Elisa Carloni, Alessandro Pagano [Google Scholar]

Why do you want a relationship, anyway? Consent to receive marketing communications and donors’ willingness to engage with nonprofits
Ana Minguez, F. Javier Sese [Google Scholar]

A comparison of Best-Worst Scaling and Likert Scale methods on peer-to-peer accommodation attributes
Cindy Yoonjoung Heo, Bona Kim, Kwangsoo Park, Robin M. Back [Google Scholar]

Role of big data analytics capabilities to improve sustainable competitive advantage of MSME service firms during COVID-19 – A multi-theoretical approach
Abhishek Behl, Jighyasu Gaur, Vijay Pereira, Rambalak Yadav, Benjamin Laker [Google Scholar]

Happily (N)ever after: An empirical examination of the termination of IJVs across emerging versus developed markets
M. Billur Akdeniz, M. Berk Talay [Google Scholar]

Managing business relationships for social impact: Introduction to the special issue
Maciej Mitręga, Dariusz Siemieniako, Krzysztof Kubacki, Stefanos Mouzas [Google Scholar]

Co-location with marketing value activities as manufacturing upgrading in a COVID-19 outbreak era
Yu-Yuan Shih, Chih-An Lin [Google Scholar]

Privacy concerns and justice perceptions with the disclosure of biometric versus behavioral data for personalized pricing tell me who you are, I’ll tell you how much you pay. Consumers’ fairness and privacy perceptions with personalized pricing
Gabriele Pizzi, Virginia Vannucci, Yupal Shukla, Gaetano Aiello [Google Scholar]

Open innovation and SME performance: The roles of reverse knowledge sharing and stakeholder relationships
Fu-Sheng Tsai, Sladjana Cabrilo, Hsin-Hui Chou, Feng Hu, Au Due Tang [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder identification and prioritization: The attribute of dependency
Lil Rodriguez Serna, Dilupa Nakandala, Dorothea Bowyer [Google Scholar]

Sustainability through digital transformation: A systematic literature review for research guidance
Ilaria Guandalini [Google Scholar]

A contingency-based approach to the nexus between international strategic brand management and export performance
Keith Pyper, Anne Marie Doherty, Spiros Gounaris, Alan Wilson [Google Scholar]

Does religious diversity play roles in corporate environmental decisions?
Amal Alabbad, Jafar Al Saleem, M. Kabir Hassan [Google Scholar]