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A Webinar on Web Scraping and more

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Author: Christine Moorman

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Connecting to Place, People, and Past: How Products Make Us Feel Grounded
Isabel Eichinger, Martin Schreier, and Stijn M.J. van Osselaer

Leveraging Cofollowership Patterns on Social Media to Identify Brand Alliance Opportunities
Pankhuri Malhotra and Siddhartha Bhattacharyya

Identifying Market Structure: A Deep Network Representation Learning of Social Engagement
Yi Yang, Kunpeng Zhang, and P.K. Kannan

Befriending the Enemy: The Effects of Observing Brand-to-Brand Praise on Consumer Evaluations and Choices
Lingrui Zhou, Katherine M. Du, and Keisha M. Cutright

Examining Why and When Market Share Drives Firm Profit
Abhi Bhattacharya, Neil A. Morgan, and Lopo L. Rego

Households Under Economic Change: How Micro- and Macroeconomic Conditions Shape Grocery Shopping Behavior
Thomas P. Scholdra, Julian R.K. Wichmann, Maik Eisenbeiss, and Werner J. Reinartz

Is Distance Really Dead in the Online World? The Moderating Role of Geographical Distance on the Effectiveness of Electronic Word of Mouth
Vilma Todri, Panagiotis (Panos) Adamopoulos, and Michelle Andrews

Communication in the Gig Economy: Buying and Selling in Online Freelance Marketplaces
Stephan Ludwig, Dennis Herhausen, Dhruv Grewal, Liliana Bove, Sabine Benoit, Ko de Ruyter, and Peter Urwin


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The Effect of Content on Zapping in TV Advertising
Maren Becker, Thomas P. Scholdra, Manuel Berkmann, and Werner J. Reinartz

Influencer Marketing Effectiveness
Fine F. Leung, Flora F. Gu, Yiwei Li, Jonathan Z. Zhang, and Robert W. Palmatier

Fields of Gold: Scraping Web Data for Marketing Insights
Johannes Boegershausen, Hannes Datta, Abhishek Borah, and Andrew T. Stephen

Machiavellianism in Alliance Partnerships
Giuseppe Musarra, Matthew J. Robson, and Constantine S. Katsikeas

Order Matters: Rating Service Professionals Reduces Tipping Amount
Jinjie Chen, Alison Jing Xu, Maria A. Rodas, and Xuefeng Liu


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Fields of Gold: Scraping Web Data for Marketing Insights

Marketing scholars increasingly use web scraping and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to collect data from the internet. Yet, despite the widespread use of such web data, the idiosyncratic and sometimes insidious challenges in its collection have received limited attention. How can researchers ensure that the datasets generated via web scraping and APIs are valid? While existing resources emphasize technical details of extracting web data, the authors, Johannes Boegershausen (Erasmus University), Hannes Datta (Tilburg University, Abhishek Borah (INSEAD), and Andrew T. Stephen (University of Oxford), propose a novel methodological framework focused on enhancing its validity. In particular, the framework highlights how addressing validity concerns requires the joint consideration of idiosyncratic technical and legal/ethical questions along the three stages of collecting web data: selecting data sources, designing the data collection, and extracting the data.


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