J Revenue Pricing Man


Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 21(3)




Ukraine, price and inflation
Ian Yeoman [Google Scholar]

Paths and patterns of value capture innovation in sharing economy
Cecilia Grieco, Gennaro Iasevoli [Google Scholar]

Can coupons counteract strategic consumer behavior?
Dror Hermel, Benny Mantin, Yossi Aviv [Google Scholar]

Price-related consumer discussions in China and the United States: a cross-cultural study investigating price perceptions and word-of-mouth transmission
Sebastian Schneider [Google Scholar]

Price sensitivities of the consumer in a tourist market
Dixie Button [Google Scholar]

Comparison of expected marginal revenue models in the hospitality industry
Martin Petříček, Štěpán Chalupa, Věra Levičková [Google Scholar]

Uncovering the relationship between revenue management and hotel loyalty programs
Melissa Lentz, Orie Berezan, Carola Raab [Google Scholar]

A dual supply chain revenue sharing contract considering online reviews and rebate
Zhen-juan Xia, Yong Liu, Qi Zhang [Google Scholar]

Marketing attributes in yogurt weekly pricing in Argentina
Juan M. C. Larrosa, Victoria Giordano, Gonzalo R. Ramírez Muñoz de Toro, Juan I. Uriarte [Google Scholar]

Considerations of luxury wine tourism experiences in the new world: three Waiheke Island vintners
Farzana Zainurin, Lindsay Neill, Heike Schänzel [Google Scholar]

Analyzing and forecasting online tour bookings using Google Analytics metrics
Nantachai Kantanantha, Jiaranai Awichanirost [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Ben Vinod (2020) Evolution of Yield Management in the Airline Industry. Switzerland: Springer
Darius Walczak [Google Scholar]