J Interactive Mar


Journal of Interactive Marketing, 57(2)


Publisher’s Note
Matt Weingarden [Publisher]

When Disclosures Backfire: Aversive Source Effects for Personalization Disclosures on Less Trusted Platforms
Iris van Ooijen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Buddies as In-Group Influencers in Online Support Groups: A Social Network Analysis of Processes and Outcomes
Ali Esmaeeli, Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann, and Judith J. Prochaska [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Seasonal Model with Dropout to Improve Forecasts of Purchase Levels
Robin Wünderlich, Nancy V. Wünderlich, and Florian v. Wangenheim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hope You’re Not Totally Commercial! Toward a Better Understanding of Advertising Recognition’s Impact on Influencer Marketing Effectiveness
Gerrit Sundermann and Juha Munnukka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Language of Brands in Social Media: Using Topic Modeling on Social Media Conversations to Drive Brand Strategy
Vanitha Swaminathan, H. Andrew Schwartz, Rowan Menezes, and Shawndra Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of Unmet Privacy Expectations Across Information, Time, and Space: Evidence from Four Countries
Kunal Swani and George R. Milne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neural Responses to Hedonic and Utilitarian Banner Ads: An fMRI Study
Luis-Alberto Casado-Aranda, Juan Sánchez-Fernández, and María I. Viedma-del-Jesús [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Humor in Management Response to Positive Consumer Reviews
Junyun Liao, Chunyu Li, and Raffaele Filieri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Drivers of Consumers’ Willingness to Answer an eWOM Solicitation for a Time-Limited Offer
Camille Lacan, Emmanuelle Le Nagard, and Pierre Desmet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bridging Imagination Gaps on the Path to Purchase with Augmented Reality: Field and Experimental Evidence
Tim Hilken, Jonas Heller, Debbie I. Keeling, Mathew Chylinski, Dominik Mahr, and Ko de Ruyter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]