J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 151(4)



Individual differences in selective attention reveal the nonmonotonicity of visual spatial attention and its association with working memory capacity.
Lee, Sang Ho; Pitt, Mark A. [Google Scholar]

Working memory recruits long-term memory when it is beneficial: Evidence from the Hebb effect.
Mızrak, Eda; Oberauer, Klaus [Google Scholar]

The cartesian folk theater: People conceptualize consciousness as a spatio-temporally localized process in the human brain.
Forstmann, Matthias; Burgmer, Pascal [Google Scholar]

Levels of specificity in episodic memory: Insights from response accuracy and subjective confidence ratings in older adults and in younger adults under full or divided attention.
Greene, Nathaniel R.; Chism, Sydney; Naveh-Benjamin, Moshe [Google Scholar]

Confidence in evaluations and value-based decisions reflects variation in experienced values.
Quandt, Julian; Figner, Bernd; Holland, Rob W.; Veling, Harm [Google Scholar]

General precedes specific in memory representations for structured experience.
Forest, Tess Allegra; Finn, Amy S.; Schlichting, Margaret L. [Google Scholar]

In case of doubt for the speculation? When people falsely remember facts in the news as being uncertain.
Brand, Ann-Kathrin; Scholl, Annika; Meyerhoff, Hauke S. [Google Scholar]

The sense of body ownership shapes the visual representation of body size.
Giurgola, Serena; Crico, Chiara; Farnè, Alessandro; Bolognini, Nadia [Google Scholar]

Vocal communication of magnitude across language, age, and auditory experience.
Perlman, Marcus; Paul, Jing; Lupyan, Gary [Google Scholar]

Highly accurate and robust identity perception from personally familiar voices.
Kanber, Elise; Lavan, Nadine; McGettigan, Carolyn [Google Scholar]

Expert musical improvisations contain sequencing biases seen in language production.
Beaty, Roger E.; Frieler, Klaus; Norgaard, Martin; Merseal, Hannah M.; MacDonald, Maryellen C.; Weiss, Daniel J. [Google Scholar]

Spatial anxiety and spatial ability: Mediators of gender differences in math anxiety.
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Why do people seek information? The role of personality traits and situation perception.
Jach, Hayley K.; DeYoung, Colin G.; Smillie, Luke D. [Google Scholar]

Staying the course: Decision makers who escalate commitment are trusted and trustworthy.
Dorison, Charles A.; Umphres, Christopher K.; Lerner, Jennifer S. [Google Scholar]

Domain-general ability underlies complex object ensemble processing.
Chang, Ting-Yun; Gauthier, Isabel [Google Scholar]