Harm to Consumers from Social Media


Special issue of the European Journal of Marketing; Deadline 20 Dec 2022

POSTING TYPE: Calls: Journals

Author: Charlotte Eagles

Marketing research has a key role to play in addressing the challenges facing modern society. Leading associations such as the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) and leading journals such as the European Journal of Marketing (EJM) are vital elements in bringing those efforts together.  In this spirit EMAC and EJM are pleased to announce a forthcoming special issue which will develop our conceptual and empirical understanding of the dark side of consumers’ social media use for individual well-being, social cohesion, and marketing practice. Guest edited by EMAC’s immediate past President, Luk Warlop, and Morana Fuduric,  the issue will present a seminal collection of work focusing on this hugely pervasive aspect of our world today. Solutions to real world problems demand collaborative solutions. EMAC and EJM are therefore both  proud to embark on this initiative and will continue to explore ways in which they can support the  scholarly community in this field to deliver responses to both real world issues and the development of marketing knowledge. The deadline for submissions is 20 December 2022 and full details of the issue can be found here.