J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 147



Setting up home: The role of domestic materiality in extended family identity formation
Prabash Edirisingha, Robert Aitken, Shelagh Ferguson [Google Scholar]

Ecosystems transformation through disruptive innovation: A definition, framework and outline for future research
Pejvak Oghazi, Vinit Parida, Joakim Wincent, Rana Mostaghel [Google Scholar]

Spatial features of entrepreneurial ecosystems
Bruno Fischer, Dirk Meissner, Nicholas Vonortas, Maribel Guerrero [Google Scholar]

Achieving radical process innovations by applying technology-mindset transformations via second-order system-dynamics engineering
Mohammad Shamsuddoha, Arch G. Woodside [Google Scholar]

Lifestyle of the rich and famous: Exploring the ultra-high net-worth individuals’ customer experience (UHCX)
Philipp ‘Phil’ Klaus, Annalisa Tarquini-Poli, Nawal Ahmed Mostafa Alawad [Google Scholar]

Hopefully that’s not wasted! The role of hope for reducing food waste
Mary Khalil, Gavin Northey, Felix Septianto, Bodo Lang [Google Scholar]

Explorative and exploitative innovation: A perspective on CEO humility, narcissism, and market dynamism
Xinyu Nie, Mingchuan Yu, Yuming Zhai, Han Lin [Google Scholar]

Do HR systems and relational climates affect knowledge hiding? An experiment and two-source multi-level study
Saša Batistič, Rob F. Poell [Google Scholar]

How the interplay of variety and processing strategy affects calorie estimates
Liang Shen, Fengyan Cai, Robert S. Wyer [Google Scholar]

Assessing IoT challenges in supply chain: A comparative study before and during- COVID-19 using interval valued neutrosophic analytical hierarchy process
Enes Eryarsoy, Huseyin Selcuk Kilic, Selim Zaim, Marzhan Doszhanova [Google Scholar]

Extending the resource-based view through the lens of the institution-based view: A longitudinal case study of an Indian higher educational institution
Swetketu Patnaik, Surender Munjal, Arup Varma, Sujay Sinha [Google Scholar]

The effect of the valence of forgiveness to service recovery strategies and service outcomes in food delivery apps
Puneet Kaur, Shalini Talwar, Nazrul Islam, Jari Salo, Amandeep Dhir [Google Scholar]

Color intensity variations and art prices: An examination of Latin American art
Urbi Garay, Eduardo Pérez, Fredy Pulga [Google Scholar]

An investigative study of links between terrorist attacks and cryptocurrency markets
Laith Almaqableh, Krishna Reddy, Vijay Pereira, Vikash Ramiah, Damien Wallace, Jose Francisco Veron [Google Scholar]

Value co-creation in circular entrepreneurship: An exploratory study on born circular SMEs
Beatrice Re, Giovanna Magnani [Google Scholar]

Family enterprise and technological innovation
Nazrul Islam, Qidong Wang, Yorgos Marinakis, Steven Walsh [Google Scholar]

Brand logos versus brand names: A comparison of the memory effects of textual and pictorial brand elements placed in computer games
Tathagata Ghosh, Sreejesh S., Yogesh K. Dwivedi [Google Scholar]

Children sustainable behaviour: A review and research agenda
A. R. Shaheen Hosany, Sameer Hosany, Hongwei He [Google Scholar]

Multifaceted and even contradictory? Impulses to push efficiency and innovativeness and the dynamic role of ambiguity in context of a German university
Elena Krause-Söhner, Angela Roth, Christian Schaller [Google Scholar]

Firms’ responses to corporate governance reform in an emerging economy from the perspective of institutional logics
Byung-Seong Min, Chien-Nan Chen, Chengli Tien [Google Scholar]

Supply chain collaboration and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Teamwork makes achieving SDGs dream work
Chetna Chauhan, Puneet Kaur, Rakesh Arrawatia, Peter Ractham, Amandeep Dhir [Google Scholar]

Envy or conformity? An empirical investigation of peer influence on the purchase of non-functional items in mobile free-to-play games
Le Wang, Xin (Robert) Luo, Han Li [Google Scholar]

Why do consumers buy impulsively during live streaming? A deep learning-based dual-stage SEM-ANN analysis
Pei-San Lo, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Garry Wei-Han Tan, Keng-Boon Ooi, Eugene Cheng-Xi Aw, Bhimaraya Metri [Google Scholar]

The influence of creative packaging design on customer motivation to process and purchase decisions
Paurav Shukla, Jaywant Singh, Weisha Wang [Google Scholar]

Is technological innovation the cure for overcapacity? Exploring mediating and moderating mechanisms
Zhan-ao Wang, Chengsi Zheng [Google Scholar]

Impact of Organisational Factors on the Circular Economy Practices and Sustainable Performance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Vietnam
Soumyadeb Chowdhury, Prasanta Kumar Dey, Oscar Rodríguez-Espíndola, Geoff Parkes, Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet, Dang Duc Long, Tran Phuong Ha [Google Scholar]

A multi-stage decision making model for determining a suitable innovation structure using an open innovation approach
Ercan Yildirim, Ilker Murat AR, Marina Dabić, Birdogan Baki, Iskender Peker [Google Scholar]

Innovation strategy, voice practices, employee voice participation, and organizational innovation
Duckjung Shin, Meredith J. Woodwark, Alison M. Konrad, Yongsuhk Jung [Google Scholar]

“I will pay you more, as long as you are transparent!”: An investigation of the pick-your-price participative pricing mechanism
Giandomenico Di Domenico, Katia Premazzi, Antonella Cugini [Google Scholar]

An analyses of the effect of using contextual and loyalty features on early purchase prediction of shoppers in e-commerce domain
Ramazan Esmeli, Mohamed Bader-El-Den, Hassana Abdullahi [Google Scholar]

Exploring configurations of negotiating behaviors in business negotiations: A qualitative comparative analysis
Wenqian Guo, Wenxue Lu, Xinran Gao [Google Scholar]

A narrative approach for overcoming the message credibility problem in green advertising
Eunjin (Anna) Kim, Heather Shoenberger, Eunseon (Penny) Kwon, S. Ratneshwar [Google Scholar]

Price-personalization: Customer typology based on hospitality business
Arkadiusz T. Tomczyk, Dimitrios Buhalis, Daisy X.F. Fan, Nigel L. Williams [Google Scholar]

How firms can create delightful customer experience? Contrasting roles of future reward uncertainty
Lili Wenli Zou, Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim, Kimmy Wa Chan [Google Scholar]

Legacy of ideology: The enduring effect of CEOs’ socialist ideological imprint on private firms’ employee-related CSR
Heng Liu, Jin-hui Luo [Google Scholar]

Drinking poison to quench thirst: Does bribery foster firm performance in China?
Kevin Zheng Zhou, Kui Wang, Dean Xu, En Xie [Google Scholar]

Dynamics of individual actors’ self, social, and task pre-dispositions in multi-actor service ecosystems
Jörg Finsterwalder, Volker G. Kuppelwieser, Raymond P. Fisk [Google Scholar]

Does it pay to be honest? The effect of retailer-provided negative feedback on consumers’ product choice and shopping experience
Aurélie Merle, Anik St-Onge, Sylvain Sénécal [Google Scholar]