J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General , 151(3)



Intentional remembering and intentional forgetting in working and long-term memory.
Oberauer, Klaus; Greve, Werner [Google Scholar]

How selection in the mind is different from attention to the world.
Kong, Garry; Fougnie, Daryl [Google Scholar]

Effects of statistical learning in passive and active contexts on reproduction and recognition of auditory sequences.
Krishnan, Saloni; Carey, Daniel; Dick, Frederic; Pearce, Marcus T. [Google Scholar]

Category learning in autism: Are some situations better than others?
Nader, Anne-Marie; Tullo, Domenico; Bouchard, Valérie; Degré-Pelletier, Janie; Bertone, Armando; Dawson, Michelle; Soulières, Isabelle [Google Scholar]

An earlier role for intent in children’s partner choice versus punishment.
Martin, Justin W.; Leddy, Kyleigh; Young, Liane; McAuliffe, Katherine [Google Scholar]

The role of theory of mind, group membership, and apology in intergroup forgiveness among children and adolescents.
Mulvey, Kelly Lynn; Gönültaş, Seçil; Herry, Emily; Strelan, Peter [Google Scholar]

The conceptual building blocks of everyday thought: Tracking the emergence and dynamics of ruminative and nonruminative thinking.
Andrews-Hanna, Jessica R.; Woo, Choong-Wan; Wilcox, Ramsey; Eisenbarth, Hedwig; Kim, Byeol; Han, Jihoon; Losin, Elizabeth A. Reynolds; Wager, Tor D. [Google Scholar]

Common executive function predicts reappraisal ability but not frequency.
Toh, Wei Xing; Yang, Hwajin [Google Scholar]

Worse is bad: Divergent inferences from logically equivalent comparisons.
Inbar, Yoel; Evers, Ellen [Google Scholar]

Novel and familiar object recognition rely on the same ability.
Sunday, Mackenzie A.; Tomarken, Andrew; Cho, Sun-Joo; Gauthier, Isabel [Google Scholar]

The effect of opportunity costs on mental fatigue in labor/leisure trade-offs.
Dora, Jonas; van Hooff, Madelon L. M.; Geurts, Sabine A. E.; Kompier, Michiel A. J.; Bijleveld, Erik [Google Scholar]

Context effects in similarity judgments.
Yearsley, James M.; Pothos, Emmanuel M.; Barque-Duran, Albert; Trueblood, Jennifer S.; Hampton, James A. [Google Scholar]

Learning from mistakes: Incidental encoding reveals a time-dependent enhancement of posterror target processing.
Gjorgieva, Eva; Egner, Tobias [Google Scholar]

The concreteness advantage in lexical decision does not depend on perceptual simulations.
Bottini, Roberto; Morucci, Piermatteo; D’Urso, Anna; Collignon, Olivier; Crepaldi, Davide [Google Scholar]

Auditory and visual category learning in musicians and nonmusicians.
Roark, Casey L.; Smayda, Kirsten E.; Chandrasekaran, Bharath [Google Scholar]