J Current Issues Res Adv


Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 43(2)


Let Me Explain! Unexpected Findings & Unexpected Methods

Creativity in Advertising: How to Test for Highly Creative Individuals, How to Generate Alternative Creative Ideas, and How to Pretest Them
John R. Rossiter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Photovoice Research for Advertising Theory
Shelly Rodgers & Evgeniia Belobrovkina [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the Value of Street Art for Artists, Consumers, and Brands
Diana Cárdenas, Raquel Castaño, Claudia Quintanilla & Edgardo Ayala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Saudi Women Take the Wheel: A Content Analysis of How Saudi Arabian Car Companies Reached Women on Social Media
Khalid Alharbi & Kelli Boling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Can We Minimize Visual Stereotypes in Ads?
Qiang (Tony) Yan & Michael R. Hyman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Predicting Advertising Persuasiveness: A Decision Tree Method for Understanding Emotional (In)Congruence of Ad Placement on YouTube
Taylor Jing Wen, Ching-Hua Chuan, Jing Yang & Wanhsiu Sunny Tsai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Disclosure, Placement Type, and Ad–Context Congruence on Brand and Advertising Recognition: An Exploration of CARE Model Processing
Shuoya Sun & Nathaniel J. Evans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]