J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 107(5)



Disaster or opportunity? How COVID-19-associated changes in environmental uncertainty and job insecurity relate to organizational identification and performance.
Lian, Huiwen; Li, Jie (Kassie); Du, Chenduo; Wu, Wen; Xia, Yuhuan; Lee, Cynthia [Google Scholar]

The push-and-pull of frenemies: When and why ambivalent relationships lead to helping and harming.
Melwani, Shimul; Rothman, Naomi B. [Google Scholar]

Organizational political affiliation and job seekers: If I don’t identify with your party, am I still attracted?
Roth, Philip L.; Arnold, John D.; Walker, H. Jack; Zhang, Liwen; Van Iddekinge, Chad H. [Google Scholar]

A meta-analytic investigation of the antecedents, theoretical correlates, and consequences of moral disengagement at work.
Ogunfowora, Babatunde (Tunde); Nguyen, Viet Quan; Steel, Piers; Hwang, Christine C. [Google Scholar]

The nonlinear relationship between atypical applicant experience and hiring: The red flags perspective.
Wechtler, Heidi M.; Lee, Colin I. S. G.; Heyden, Mariano L. M.; Felps, Will; Lee, Thomas W. [Google Scholar]

A meta-analytic review of identification at work: Relative contribution of team, organizational, and professional identification.
Greco, Lindsey M.; Porck, Jeanine P.; Walter, Sheryl L.; Scrimpshire, Alex J.; Zabinski, Anna M. [Google Scholar]

Conquering unwanted habits at the workplace: Day-level processes and longer term change in habit strength.
Sonnentag, Sabine; Wehrt, Wilken; Weyers, Benjamin; Law, Yuen C. [Google Scholar]

Gender, bottom-line mentality, and workplace mistreatment: The roles of gender norm violation and team gender composition.
Tai, Kenneth; Lee, KiYoung; Kim, Eugene; Johnson, Tiffany D.; Wang, Wei; Duffy, Michelle K.; Kim, Seongsu [Google Scholar]