Mar Letters


Marketing Letters, 33(2)


To buy or how much to buy? Partition dependence in purchase-quantity decisions
Nader T. Tavassoli, Matteo Visentin [Google Scholar]

Investigating cross-media effects in a multichannel marketing environment: the role of email, catalog, television, and radio
Karthik Sridhar, Ashish Kumar, Ram Bezawada [Google Scholar]

The effect of competition on product removal
Xabier Barriola [Google Scholar]

Consumer motives for buying regional products: the REGIOSCALE
Nadine Waehning, Raffaele Filieri [Google Scholar]

Building consumer connection with new brands through rituals: the role of mindfulness
Maggie Wenjing Liu, Qichao Zhu, Xian Wang [Google Scholar]

Does music really work? The two-stage audiovisual cross-modal correspondence effect on consumers’ shopping behavior
Shuai Yang, Xinyu Chang, Sixing Chen, Shan Lin, William T. Ross [Google Scholar]

We are more tolerant than I: self-construal and consumer responses toward deceptive advertising
Sohyun Bae, Xiaoyan Liu, Sharon Ng [Google Scholar]

Strengthening the satisfaction loyalty link: the role of relational switching costs
Heiner Evanschitzky, Valentina Stan, Liane Nagengast [Google Scholar]

Speaking the same language: the power of words in crowdfunding success and failure
Ling Peng, Geng Cui, Ziru Bao, Shuman Liu [Google Scholar]

The street music business: consumer responses to buskers performing on the street and on online video platforms
Samuel Stäbler, Kim Katharina Mierisch [Google Scholar]

Idea Corner

Virtual currencies: different schemes and research opportunities
Gianluca Scheidegger, Priya Raghubir [Google Scholar]