ISMS Dissertation Grants


The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science announces an initiative to provide support to PhD students conducting marketing science research; Deadline 30 Sep 2022


Author: Kenneth Wilburt

The INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) is pleased to announce its new initiative to provide support to PhD students conducting marketing science research. These grants will be need-based and preference will be given to candidates whose universities or advisors are not in a position to help them collect data, buy data or equipment, or pay for RA support

Grant Committee

The dissertation proposals will be reviewed and ranked by members of a committee of experts consisting of Professors Professors Hema Yoganarasimhan (chair, University of Washington), Song Lin (HKUST), Kanishka Misra (UCSD), Kosuke Uetake (Yale), and Yi Qian (UBC). The committee members must recuse themselves from decisions involving any students from the same university.

Application Eligibility Criteria  

Any student member of ISMS is eligible to participate in this competition, provided that:

  • There is a demonstrable financial need for the research award.  For example, the student needs money to: collect data, obtain software, access cloud-computing resources, run experiments, pay research assistants.
  • The candidate or his/her advisor/chair has been a dues-paying member of ISMS for at least two years (including the current year).
  • The candidate is registered at an accredited university to receive the degree of PhD in business or marketing.
  • The candidate’s advisor/chair certifies that the dissertation will not be completed by December 31st of 2022.

ISMS encourages applications from PhD students of all backgrounds, universities, and research traditions and actively encourages applications from PhD students from underrepresented minority groups in marketing academia. ISMS is committed to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion within our field.

Grant Information

One to five grants, each of maximum of $5000, will be awarded to most deserving proposals. A subcommittee of the ISMS board, including the President, the Treasurer and the VP of Education will decide the number of winners and amount to be awarded.  Only submission materials submitted this form before September 30, 2022, will be considered. (

Evaluation Criteria: The committee will judge the proposals both based on need for money and merit of the research.

The winner(s) are expected to be announced by December 31, 2022.

Responsibility of Award Recipients

A year after they receive the award, recipients should email the VP of Education at ISMS to summarize how they have used the money, and the research that has been produced.

For any further questions and information regarding the submission of both proposals, please contact:

Jiwoong Shin, VP Education, ISMS
Professor of Marketing, Yale University