J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 145



A look at the focus shift in innovation literature due to Covid-19 pandemic
Xinxin Wang, Yong Qin, Zeshui Xu, Marinko Škare [Google Scholar]

Unequal participation in joint new product development: The roles of information opportunism concern and contract binding force
Qingtao Wang, Julie Juan Li, Defeng Yang [Google Scholar]

Machine learning in marketing: A literature review, conceptual framework, and research agenda
Eric W.T. Ngai, Yuanyuan Wu [Google Scholar]

In-home service consumption: A systematic review, integrative framework and future research agenda
Rodoula H. Tsiotsou, Achilleas Boukis [Google Scholar]

How does internal carbon pricing affect corporate environmental performance?
Bangzhu Zhu, Chenxin Xu, Ping Wang, Lin Zhang [Google Scholar]

How to overcome path dependency through resource reconfiguration
Nikolaos Goumagias, Kiran Jude Fernandes, Alberto Nucciarelli, Feng Li [Google Scholar]

A longitudinal study of B2B customer engagement in LinkedIn: The role of brand personality
Roberto Mora Cortez, Ayan Ghosh Dastidar [Google Scholar]

Overcoming the liability of outsidership: An fsQCA analysis of African transnational entrepreneurs in the UK
Olu Aluko, Ursula F. Ott, Juliana Siwale, Kayode Odusanya [Google Scholar]

Post-disaster recovery for family firms: The role of owner motivations, firm resources, and dynamic capabilities
Raj V. Mahto, Orlando Llanos-Contreras, Melany Hebles [Google Scholar]

When customer involvement hinders/promotes product innovation performance: The concurrent effect of relationship quality and role ambiguity
Saeed Najafi-Tavani, Ghasem Zaefarian, Matthew J. Robson, Peter Naudé, Faramarz Abbasi [Google Scholar]

How and when top manager authentic leadership influences team voice: A moderated mediation model
Xiaoming Zheng, Xin Liu, Hui Liao, Xin Qin, Dan Ni [Google Scholar]

Non-family shareholder governance and corporate risk-taking: Evidence from Chinese family-controlled businesses
Shanzhong Du, Lianfu Ma, Zhuo Li [Google Scholar]

Social Media resourcing of an entrepreneurial firm network: Collaborative mobilisation processes
Conor Drummond, Thomas O’Toole, Helen McGrath [Google Scholar]

The role of shopping orientation in variety-seeking behaviour
Scott D. Murray, Hyun Seung Jin, Brett A.S. Martin [Google Scholar]

Sponsorship image and value creation in E-sports
Pedro Cuesta-Valiño, Pablo Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Cristina Loranca-Valle [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence and the shaping of the business context
Daniela Corsaro, Stephen L. Vargo, Charles Hofacker, Francesco Massara [Google Scholar]

Technological radicalness, R&D internationalization, and the moderating effect of intellectual property protection
Shukhrat Nasirov, Irina Gokh, Fragkiskos Filippaios [Google Scholar]

Assessing the influence of celebrity and government endorsements on bitcoin’s price volatility
Subhan Ullah, Rexford Attah-Boakye, Kweku Adams, Ghasem Zaefarian [Google Scholar]

Me versus we: The role of luxury brand managers in times of co-creation
Julia Riedmeier, Maria Kreuzer [Google Scholar]

Proactive personality and promotability: Mediating roles of promotive and prohibitive voice and moderating roles of organizational politics and leader-member exchange
Chang-Jun Li, Fuli Li, Tingting Chen, J. Michael Crant [Google Scholar]

Perception of organizational politics and innovative behavior in the workplace: The roles of knowledge-sharing hostility and mindfulness
Liangyong Chen, Yu Liu, Sanman Hu, Sai Zhang [Google Scholar]

The mitigating role of nostalgia for consumer price unfairness perceptions in response to disadvantageous personalized pricing
Robin Pade, Sven Feurer [Google Scholar]

Intra-firm and arm’s length export propensity and intensity of MNE foreign subsidiaries
Quyen T.K. Nguyen, Paloma Almodóvar, Ziyi Wei [Google Scholar]

Referral campaigns for software startups: The impact of network characteristics on product adoption
Fabian Eggers, Hans Risselada, Thomas Niemand, Sebastian Robledo [Google Scholar]

Financial overconfidence, promotion of financial advice, and aging
J. García, Y. Gómez, J. Vila [Google Scholar]

Does open customer innovation model hold for family firms?
Maksim Belitski, Nada Rejeb [Google Scholar]

International sourcing and the productivity of SMEs in transition countries: Formal and informal ‘region effects’ and the communist footprint
María Jesús Nieto, Alicia Rodríguez, Virginia Hernández [Google Scholar]

In times of plenty: Slack resources, R&D investment, and entrepreneurial firms in challenging institutional environments
Yunzhou Du, Phillip H. Kim, Sebastian P.L. Fourné, Xiaowei Wang [Google Scholar]

Luxury tourism through private sales websites: Exploration of prestige-seeking consumers’ motivations and managers’ perceptions
Angy Geerts, Julie Masset [Google Scholar]

A value perspective on online review platforms: Profiling preference structures of online shops and traditional companies
Tatjana Maria König, Nika Hein, Vivien Nimsgern [Google Scholar]

Sustainable innovations in an indigenous Indian Ayurvedic MNE
Ashish Malik, Vijay Pereira, Pawan Budhwar, Arup Varma, Manlio Del Giudice [Google Scholar]

The power of innovation diffusion: How patent transfer affects urban innovation quality
Peizhen Jin, Sachin Kumar Mangla, Malin Song [Google Scholar]

Prosumer-to-customer exchange in the sharing economy: Evidence from the P2P accommodation context
Diandian Xiang, Guanzhe Jiao, Bin Sun, Chenming Peng, Yaxuan Ran [Google Scholar]

Discovering the dark side of brand attachment: Impulsive buying, obsessive-compulsive buying and trash talking
Arnold Japutra, Yuksel Ekinci, Lyndon Simkin [Google Scholar]

Economic uncertainty spillover and social networks
Dan Ma, Chuan Zhang, Yarong Hui, Bing Xu [Google Scholar]

Battling for consumer memory: Assessing brand exclusiveness and brand dominance from citation-list
Jean-Louis Chandon, Gilles Laurent, Raphaëlle Lambert-Pandraud [Google Scholar]

Gamification for value creation and viewer engagement in gamified livestreaming services: The moderating role of gender in esports
Tyreal Yizhou Qian, Robbie Matz, Lei Luo, Chenglong Xu [Google Scholar]

Global developments in coopetition research: A bibliometric analysis of research articles published between 2010 and 2020
Neetu Yadav, Roopesh Kumar, Ashish Malik [Google Scholar]

Luxury not for the masses: Measuring inconspicuous luxury motivations
Jacqueline Kilsheimer Eastman, Rajesh Iyer, Barry Babin [Google Scholar]

The consumption of dark narratives: A systematic review and research agenda
Gonzalo Luna-Cortés, Luis Miguel López-Bonilla, Jesús Manuel López-Bonilla [Google Scholar]

Consumer over-indebtedness: A review and future research agenda
Julio Cesar Leandro, Delane Botelho [Google Scholar]

Classifying and measuring the service quality of AI chatbot in frontline service
Qian Chen, Yeming Gong, Yaobin Lu, Jing Tang [Google Scholar]

Mapping a circular business opportunity in electric vehicle battery value chain: A multi-stakeholder framework to create a win–win–win situation
Koteshwar Chirumalla, Lizbeth Guerrero Reyes, Reza Toorajipour [Google Scholar]

Agile logic for SaaS implementation: Capitalizing on marketing automation software in a start-up
Joel Mero, Miira Leinonen, Hannu Makkonen, Heikki Karjaluoto [Google Scholar]

To sell or not to sell? Pricing strategies of newly-graduated artists
Boram Lee, Ian Fraser, Ian Fillis [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence and knowledge sharing: Contributing factors to organizational performance
Femi Olan, Emmanuel Ogiemwonyi Arakpogun, Jana Suklan, Franklin Nakpodia, Nadja Damij, Uchitha Jayawickrama [Google Scholar]

The nexus between e-commerce adoption in a health pandemic and firm performance: The role of pandemic response strategies
Ifeyinwa Juliet Orji, Frank Ojadi, Ukoha Kalu Okwara [Google Scholar]

Mastering digital transformation: The nexus between leadership, agility, and digital strategy
Bader K. AlNuaimi, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Shuang Ren, Pawan Budhwar, Dmitriy Vorobyev [Google Scholar]

The intimacy trap: Navigating the commercial friendships of luxury
Jean-Baptiste Welté, Julien Cayla, Bernard Cova [Google Scholar]

Examining the relationship between fear of COVID-19, intolerance for uncertainty, and cyberloafing: A mediational model
Abira Reizer, Bella L. Galperin, Meena Chavan, Abhishek Behl, Vijay Pereira [Google Scholar]

Alleviating demand uncertainty for seasonal goods: An analysis of attribute-based markdown policy for fashion retailers
Aidin Namin, Gonca P. Soysal, Brian T. Ratchford [Google Scholar]

Corruption as a perverse Innovation: The dark side of digitalization and corruption in international business
Ashish Malik, Fabian Jintae Froese [Google Scholar]

The evolution of emerging market firms and time until subsidiary exit: Competitive dynamics of domestic market followers and contingency factors
Jeoung Yul Lee, Alfredo Jiménez, Young Soo Yang, Ilkhom Irisboev [Google Scholar]

Geographic diversity of knowledge inputs: The importance of aligning locations of knowledge inputs and inventors
Jan Hohberger, Ralf Wilden [Google Scholar]

Celebrity brand break-up: Fan experiences of para-loveshock
Scott Jones, James Cronin, Maria G. Piacentini [Google Scholar]

Examining the evolution of emerging market multinational enterprises’ competitive advantages: Evidence from India
Surender Munjal, Niti Bhasin, Divya Nandrajog, Sumit Kundu [Google Scholar]

Funding innovation and the regulatory environment – The role of employment protection legislation
Andrea Moro, Daniela Maresch, Annalisa Ferrando, Gregory F. Udell [Google Scholar]

Systems resilience and SME multilevel challenges: A place-based conceptualization of the circular economy
Mickey Howard, Steffen Böhm, Dan Eatherley [Google Scholar]

Consumer perception of price fairness and dynamic pricing: Evidence from Booking.com
Marco Alderighi, Consuelo R. Nava, Matteo Calabrese, Jean-Marc Christille, Chiara B. Salvemini [Google Scholar]

Re-arranging dressing practices: The role of objects in spreading ugly luxury
Maria Carolina Zanette, Julia Pueschel, Mourad Touzani [Google Scholar]

Innovation in emerging economies: Research on the digital economy driving high-quality green development
Dan Ma, Qing Zhu [Google Scholar]

The brand, the persona and the algorithm: How datafication is reconfiguring marketing work☆
Isabelle Aimé, Fabienne Berger-Remy, Marie-Eve Laporte [Google Scholar]

The impact of monetary rewards on product sales in referral programs: The role of product image aesthetics
Xia Wang, Ying Ding [Google Scholar]

A practice unpacked: Unboxing as a consumption practice
Rhonwyn K. Vaudrey [Google Scholar]

Competing value framework-based culture transformation
Limin Gong, Shisong Jiang, Xin Liang [Google Scholar]

Mapping five decades of international business and management research on India: A bibliometric analysis and future directions
Debmalya Mukherjee, Satish Kumar, Deepraj Mukherjee, Kirti Goyal [Google Scholar]

Let me transfer you to our AI-based manager: Impact of manager-level job titles assigned to AI-based agents on marketing outcomes
Yongwoog “Andy” Jeon [Google Scholar]

Assessing moderator effects, main effects, and simple effects without collinearity problems in moderated regression models
Sang-June Park, Youjae Yi [Google Scholar]