J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 37(5)



The impact of buyer–supplier communication on production ramp-up performance
Claudia Gesell, Andreas Herbert Glas, Michael Essig [Google Scholar]

Ecosystem network health and SMEs’ credit quality
Hua Song, Sijie Chen, Kangkang Yu [Google Scholar]

How core, technical and social components of business relationship value drive customer satisfaction and loyalty in high tech B2B market
Neeru Sharma [Google Scholar]

Examining the impact of strategic supplier partnership, customer relationship and supply chain responsiveness on operational performance: the moderating effect of demand uncertainty
Jitendra Nenavani, Rajesh K. Jain [Google Scholar]

Selling to enabled purchasers: the effect of perceived supply risk and profit impact on the buyer–seller interaction
Bert Paesbrugghe, Johanna Vuori, Heidi Kock [Google Scholar]

Artificial intelligence adoption in business-to-business marketing: toward a conceptual framework
Lujie Chen, Mengqi Jiang, Fu Jia, Guoquan Liu [Google Scholar]

Co-exploitation (or co-exploration) vs go it alone? The role of alliance learning capability on firm performance
Miguel Solís-Molina, Miguel Hernández-Espallardo, Augusto Rodríguez-Orejuela [Google Scholar]

How IT integration and relational ties affect innovation performance: considering the moderating roles of relationship duration and institutional distance
Shaobo Wei, Hua Liu [Google Scholar]

Roles of supply chain network centralities on firm performance: an explorative study on Tokyo manufacturing industries
Antonio K.W_ Lau, An Zhao [Google Scholar]

Mapping the intellectual structure of business-to-business loyalty literature: a bibliometric analysis approach
Prathamesh Kittur, Swagato Chatterjee, Amit Upadhyay [Google Scholar]

Contingent conditions on the effectiveness of salesperson acquisition-retention ambidexterity: the motivation–opportunity–ability framework
Yaqin Zheng, Dong Liu, Yi Zheng, Zhimei Zang [Google Scholar]

Supply chain integration, capability and performance – a business-to-business network cooperation
Shu-Hsien Liao, Da-Chian Hu, Szu-Ting Chen [Google Scholar]

Decision-makers’ logic of control and SME international performance
Masoud Karami, Jintong Tang [Google Scholar]

Enhancing the export activities of small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets
Arsalan Safari, Ali Salman Saleh, Vanesa Balicevac Al Ismail [Google Scholar]