Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 39(2)


Special issue: Global Luxury Consumption

Guest editors: George Christodoulides, Nina Michaelidou

Guest editorial: Advancing research on global luxury consumption
George Christodoulides, Nina Michaelidou [Google Scholar]

The myth of the universal millennial: comparing millennials’ perceptions of luxury across six countries
Jean-Noël Kapferer, Pierre Valette-Florence [Google Scholar]

Luxury symbolism, self-congruity, self-affirmation and luxury consumption behavior: a comparison study of China and the US
Zi Wang, Ruizhi Yuan, Martin J. Liu, Jun Luo [Google Scholar]

Global consumer culture and national identity as drivers of materialism: an international study of convergence and divergence
Mark Cleveland, Nicolas Papadopoulos, Michel Laroche [Google Scholar]

Drivers of attitudes toward luxury and counterfeit products: the moderating role of interpersonal influence
Rajesh Iyer, Barry J. Babin, Jacqueline K. Eastman, Mitch Griffin [Google Scholar]

The role of socio-psychological and personality antecedents in luxury consumption: a meta-analytic review
Megha Bharti, Vivek Suneja, Ajay Kumar Chauhan [Google Scholar]

Quiet versus loud luxury: the influence of overt and covert narcissism on young Chinese and US luxury consumers’ preferences?
Ling Jiang, Annie Peng Cui, Juan Shan [Google Scholar]

Priceless time – The UHNWI’s most precious possession: implications for international marketing theory and practice
Philipp ‘Phil’ Klaus, JungKun Park, Annalisa Tarquini-Poli [Google Scholar]

Luxury fashion retailers’ localised marketing strategies in practice – evidence from China
Huifeng Bai, Julie McColl, Christopher Moore [Google Scholar]

Charting research on international luxury marketing: where are we now and where should we go next?
Cleopatra Veloutsou, George Christodoulides, Francisco Guzmán [Google Scholar]

The impact of luxury brand status signaling, extension authenticity and fit on luxury line extension evaluation: a cross-national study
Jean Boisvert, Nicholas J. Ashill [Google Scholar]