Intl J Mar Semiotics Discourse


International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies, 1-9


Yves Saint Laurent: Questions de style
Gérald Mazzalovo [Google Scholar]

The colonising effect: Marketisation and the discursive enactment of institutional identity in Ghanaian universities’ websites
Alimsiwen Elijah Ayaawan [Google Scholar]

On the generic structure of managerial position job advertisements in tertiary education institutions
Joseph Benjamin Archibald Afful [Google Scholar]

Compensatory consumption and reprieve from trauma-related negative emotions: An Indian context
Khyati Jagani and Shilpa Shinde [Google Scholar]

Consuming the scapegoat: Mass shootings as systemically necessary cultural trauma
George Rossolatos [Google Scholar]

A content analytic approach to services advertising in India
Aditi Naidu, Jagdish Bhagwat and Priyanka Mokshmar [Google Scholar]

Book Review: Arthur Asa Berger, Shopper’s Paradise: Retail Stores and American Consumer Culture. Leiden: Brill

Amongst branding, design and architecture: a semiotic analysis of ING DIRECT’s bank shops
Antonio Laurino [Google Scholar]

Multisensory perception of cuteness in mascots and zoo animals
Jason Dydynski and Nelly Mäekivi [Google Scholar]

Discursive representations of Chilean universities and their future students in advertising
Pablo Matus and Francesca Poggi [Google Scholar]

On the spectral ideology of cultural globalization as social hauntology
George Rossolatos [Google Scholar]

Book Review: John Flowerdew and John E. Richardson (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Critical Discourse Studies

Book Review: John A. Bateman, Janina Wildfeuer and Tuomo Hiippala, Multimodality: Foundations, research and analysis: a problem-oriented introduction

George Rossolatos

The semiotics of minority language branding: A study of the Celtic languages
John Tredinnick-Rowe [Google Scholar]

Codes, coding and interpretation
Paul Cobley [Google Scholar]

Brand planning with rhetorical semiotics. Workshop presentation, Queensland Business School April 11 2017
George Rossolatos [Google Scholar]

Book Review: Dario Martinelli, Give peace a chant: Popular music, politics and social protest. Springer

George Rossolatos

Tweaking ethical consumption: Civic branding in Starbucks cause-related marketing
Kevin Marinelli [Google Scholar]

The semiotics of modernist space in the branding of organisations: A multimodal critical discourse analytic approach
Per Ledin and David Machin [Google Scholar]

Introduction to the Handbook of Brand Semiotics
George Rossolatos [Google Scholar]

George Rossolatos

The paradox of contemporary architecture: Building a new model of brand identity
Angela Bargenda [Google Scholar]

For a semiotic model of cultural branding and the dynamic management of a brandosphere in the face of user-generated advertising
George Rossolatos [Google Scholar]

On the marketing language of hospitality
Richard Tressider [Google Scholar]

Who sees what? One print advertisement and a dual semiotic analysis
Sharon Schembri and Eliane Karsaklian [Google Scholar]

George Rossolatos

Two strands of rhetoric in advertising discourse
Göran Sonesson [Google Scholar]

Representations of children in food advertisements in Cyprus: A sociosemiotic perspective
Evripides Zantides & Evangelos Kourdis [Google Scholar]

IKEA: Ego and its Alter in inter-cultural communications
Jennie Mazur [Google Scholar]

An anatomy of the rhetorical landscape of the world’s most valuable brands
George Rossolatos [Google Scholar]

Applying archetypical frameworks to brand identity and packaging research
Marcie Connan and Crystal Sarantoulias [Google Scholar]

Semiomarketing and fashion semiology: The business language of fashion and Luxury
Cinzia Ligas and Fausto Crepaldi [Google Scholar]